10 Best Delicious Energy Drink In Canada

Best Energy Drink In Canada

With the Substantial growth in the Energy Drink market in Canada, it’s quite essential you Know the Best Energy Drink In Canada you could use to boost your Energy Level.

The Canadian Energy Drink market is dominated by top Brands like Red Bull, Monster Energy, Guru e.t.c

Each Energy drink brand has its own unique taste to help suit the taste preferences of Canadian Residents who are Energy Drink Enthusiasts.

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Take For Instance the Famous Red Bull Energy Drink is a citrus-flavored Energy Drink.

Also, the popular Monster Energy Drink has several Fruity flavors like orange, pineapple, Lemonade etc.

S0 No matter your taste preferences as a Canadian Resident there is always An Energy Drink for you to satisfy your taste buds and also boost your energy Alongside.

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For more information on the Best Energy Drink In Canada, Do ensure you read through this blog post carefully.

Through This Resource, I will be exposing you to some Important Facts regarding Each Canadian Energy Drink and its Nutritional benefits.

Without any further Ado, join me in Exploring the Best Energy Drink In Canada, Let’s go.

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Is Red Bull sold in Canada?

Yes, Red Bull Energy Drink is sold in most Canadian Stores, restaurants, and supermarkets.

For Easy purchase of your Red Bull Energy Drink, you could either visit any Walmart Store near you or probably order your drink online.

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What Drink Gives You Energy Fast?

1. Energy Drinks

Energy drink


Adequate consumption of Energy drinks will help boost your energy level fast due to the presence of Caffeine, Taurine, and Guarana in most Energy drinks.

2. Coffee

Coffee could also be used to boost the body’s Energy level, the caffeine content in most Coffees is the major Stimulant for Energy Boost.

3. Water



Water is also another drink you could use to enhance or boost your Energy level whenever you feel dehydrated.

Honestly beyond just boosting your Energy level, Water could also be used in quenching your Thirst.

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4. Smoothies



Smoothies are also great recipes for boosting Energy, smoothies are made from blended vegetables and fruits which are quite rich in essential vitamins and minerals which are good stimulants for boosting the body’s Energy level.

Also, Smoothies are rich Source of Natural Sugars which is also a good stimulants for Boosting energy in the Body.

Smoothies also contain a considerable amounts of water which helps in preventing dehydration and also helps in Energizing the body.

5. Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice


Fruit Juices are also good for maintaining and Improving the Energy level of the body, most especially fruit juices made from freshly picked fruits.

What are the top 3 energy drinks in the world?

  • Red Bull
  • Monster Energy
  • Rockstar Energy

1. Red Bull

Red Bull


Red Bull Energy drink ranks among the top three(3) most known Energy drinks in the world today.

Red Bull was first produced in 1987 in Austria, and it’s currently being produced and distributed by an Austrian-based Beverage company popularly known as Red Bull Gmbh, located in Futschi.


2. Monster Energy

monster Energy


Monster Energy is also among the top Three(3) most popular Energy drinks in the World Today.

Surprisingly Monster Energy is a US-based energy drink, it was first produced in the year 2002 by Hansen Natural Corporation, but currently, it’s been produced and Distributed by Monster Beverage Corporation.

However, Monster Energy drinks exist in several tasty and nutritious fruity flavors like Orange, Apple, pineapple, etc.


3. Rockstar Energy

Rockstar Energy


Rockstar Energy Drink is another outstanding Energy Drink from the United States, it was first produced in 2001 by Russel Weiner.

However, Rockstar Energy drink is a product under Pepsico, this drink is manufactured in the city of Las Vegas, United States.


Are Energy Drinks Legal In Canada?

Yes, Energy Drinks in Canada are Legalized in Canada, all Energy drinks sold in Canada are subject to the regulations and labeling requirements of the Country’s Health department.

However, the stipulated amount of Caffeine in Each Energy drink shouldn’t Exceed 180g per serving, and also shouldn’t be consumed Excessively.

Best Energy Drink In Canada

Looking for the best Energy Drink to boost your Energy level while you stay in Canada, we got you Covered.

Below is a Comprehensive list of the Best Energy Drink In Canada, Sit tight and Explore.

You are indeed on the Right Track in discovering the most Suitable Energy drink in Canada.

  • Red Bull Energy Drink
  • Rockstar Energy
  • Monster Energy
  • 5-Hour Energy Drink
  • C4 Energy Drink
  • Guru Energy Drink
  • Celsius
  • Nutrament
  • NOS Energy Drink
  • Starbucks Doubleshots Energy Drink

1. Red Bull Energy Drink

Red Bull


Red Bull Energy Drink ranks among the Best Energy Drink In Canada,this Energy drink has gained widespread popularity in most cities.

Red Bull is Arguably the most popular Energy Drink in Canada, it was first produced in Austria in 1987 by an Austrian Businessman Known as Chaleo Yoovidya.

This Canadian Energy drink contains a considerable amount of caffeine, around 80g of caffeine per Can.

Red Bull also contains Taurine and vitamin B, which are also part of the major stimulants for increasing Energy and alertness in the Body.


Flavors Of The Red Bull Energy Drink

For more information regarding the Red Bull Energy drink brand, Click here

2. Rockstar Energy

Rockstar Energy


Rockstar Energy Drink Comes Next on our list of the Best Energy Drink In Canada.

Rockstar Energy is a popular Energy drink under the Pepsico label, it’s being manufactured in the City of Las Vegas.

This Energy drink comes in several fruity flavors to help satisfy the taste preferences of Canadian Residents.

Surprisingly this Energy drink contains caffeine, Taurine, and some essential B vitamins like B3, B12, and B3 which are key Stimulants in Energizing the body.


Flavors of Rockstar Energy Drink

3. Monster Energy

Monster Energy


Monster Energy is a Carbonated Energy Drink, it’s quite popular and mostly sold in Major Canadian Cities.

This Energy Drink is sincerely too sweet and might not be too good for individuals interested in maintaining or reducing their blood sugar level.

However, there are some great flavors of the Monster Energy Drink which are Sugar-Free and are best for individuals interested in reducing and maintaining their sugar level.

Monster Energy has a tangy citrus taste, a sip of this Energy Drink will indeed give you a feel of some undertone flavors like lemon, and orange.

This Canadian Energy drink was first produced in 2002 by Hansen Natural Corporation, one of the top beverage companies in the City of California.

Monster Energy drink also contains major Energy Stimulants like Taurine and caffeine, and also some essential B complex vitamins which are key in Energizing the body.

To Know more about this tasty Canadian Energy Boosting Drink, Do well to click here.


Flavors of The Monster Energy Drink

  • Monster Energy Maxx
  • Monster Energy Zero Ultra contains low Calories and it’s quite good for individuals interested in Maintaining weight
  • Monster Energy Fruit Juice

4.5-Hour Energy Drink

5-Hour Energy Drink


The Tasty and Nutritious 5-Hour Energy Drink is also among the Best Energy Drink In Canada.

This Energy Drink is quite suitable for individuals interested in Maintaining Weight, this Energy drink contains a low amount of calories.

However there are precautions guiding the intake of this drink, individuals are advised not to consume more than two bottles of this Energy drink per day, due to the high amount of Caffeine in it’s content.

Honestly, this Energy drink has a slightly bitter taste, Although a sip of this drink may give you a feel of an Undertone berry or citrus flavor depending on the flavor.


5.C4 Energy Drink

C4 Energy Drink


C4 Energy Drink is also the top Energy that has gained widespread popularity in major cities in Canada.

The C4 Energy drink is a beverage product of Nutrabolt Company, one of the major sport-inclined beverage companies in the City of Texas.

Sport-inclined beverage company? meaning Nutrabolt is a Beverage company in charge of producing Beverages that enhance the performance and health of athletes.

The C4 Energy Drink is best for athletes and individuals who often Engage in Workout sessions.

This Energy Drink comes in Several Unique Flavors like Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Orange Energy drink etc Click here to learn more about the C4 Energy drink.


6. Guru Energy Drink

Guru Energy Drink is another delicious Energy Drink popular among most Canadian Residents.

This Energy drink is a citrus-flavored drink, Although it also has a slight taste of lemon and lime.

Guru Energy drink is moderately sweet, unlike other energy drinks which are too sweet.

Surprisingly this Drink contains some natural Ingredients like Ginseng, Guarana, natural extracts from Green Tea, etc.

Guru Energy Drink is a product of Guru Organic Energy Company, a Canadian Based Beverage Company.


7. Celsius

Celsius is another Tasty Energy Drink, unlike other top Energy Drinks in Canada, celsius is a non-carbonated soft drink.

Celsius Energy Drink is a product of a Florida-based company committed to producing beverages aimed at improving the performance of Althlete and individuals who regularly engage in exercise.

This Energy Drink comes in several unique flavors like the Green Apple Cherry flavor, lemonade flavor, etc.

Aside from being an Energy drink, the Celsius Energy drink is quite nutritious it contains vitamin B, Vitamin C, Chromium, Ginger root, Green Tea Extract, and Guarana Seed Extracts.


8. Nutrament

Nutrament Energy drink offers several Unique flavors like Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Mango, Coffee, Banana, Coconut, Eggnog etc.

So Aside from Boosting your energy level, Nutrament offers you the opportunity to satisfy your tastebuds with its unique flavors depending on your preferences.

However, the Nutrament Energy Drink is a product of a Japanese-based Beverage Company Known as Sapporo Beverage Company.

Nutrament is among the most Nutritious Energy drink in the world today,it contains high amounts of protein.

This Energy drink also contains Carbohydrate which is usually in form of sugars.

Nutrament is indeed a rich source of Essential Vitamins and Minerals that aid Energy Metabolism.


9. NOS Energy Drink

NOS Energy Drink is a product of Coca-Cola Company, and it’s been sold in most stores, supermarkets, and Restaurants in Canada.

Nos Energy drink was first produced in 2005, the brand is one of the major sponsors of top motorsports and racing Events.

The Brand name “NOS” is an Acronym for “Nitrous Oxide“, which is one of the major stimulants for improving the circulation of blood in the body.

The Energy drink shouldn’t consumed excessively due to its high Caffeine Content.

Nos Energy Drink contains Carbonated water, Taurine, Ginseng, Fructose corn syrup, and Citric Acid.


Flavors of NOS Energy Drink

  • NOS Nitro Mango
  • NOS Turbo Drink
  • NOS Sonic Sour Drink
  • NOS GT Grape
  • Original NOS

10. Starbucks Doubleshots Energy Drink

Starbucks drink


The Delicious Starbucks Doubleshots Energy Drink comes last on our list of energy drinks in Canada.

This Energy Drink is indeed a good go-to option for Coffee enthusiasts interested in Boosting their Energy level.

Starbucks Doublehots Energy drink is indeed an Energy drink alternative to the popular Starbucks coffee drink.

This Energy drink is simply a combination of Starbucks coffee with some essential Energy Boosting stimulants.

Surprisingly this Energy drink contains milk which makes it more creamy and tasty.

Starbucks Doubleshots Energy drink has several unique Flavors like vanilla, Mocha, Expresso, Apple, etc.

This energy drink is been packaged and distributed in a 443ml can and also sold in several bottle sizes in most Canadian stores, supermarkets, and Cafes.


Cheapest Energy Drinks Canada

Looking for the Cheapest Energy Drinks in Canada, we got you covered, below is a comprehensive list of popular Energy drinks in Canada that are Affordable.

1. Red Bull

The Cost of Red Bull Energy drink in most stores or retail outlets in Canada Ranges between 2.50 to 4 Canadian Dollars (CAD).

2. Monster Energy

The Cost of purchasing the 473ml Monster Energy drink ranges between three(3) to Four(4) Canadian Dollars.

3.5-hour Energy Drink

5-hour Energy Drink is also among the Cheapest Energy drinks Canada, you could actually spend between 3 to 4 Canadian Dollars (CAD) to purchase this Energy drink.

4. Rockstar Energy

Purchasing any of the Unique flavors of Rockstar Energy drinks, could cost you between 2.50 to 4 Canadian Dollars (CAD) per can.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What Energy Drink Works The Best

  • Red Bull Energy Drink
  • Rockstar Energy
  • Guru Energy Drink
  • Monster Energy
  • Celsius
  • 5-Hour Energy Drink
  • C4 Energy Drink

What Is The Best Rated Energy Drink?

The Best rated Energy drink in the world today is the tasty and nutritious Red Bull Energy drink.

Are Energy Drink Safe To Consume Regularly?

Yes, drinking Energy drinks Regularly is safe and healthy provided you follow the prescribed serving size indicated in the body of the drink.

How Do I Choose The Best Energy Drink For My Needs?

In choosing your most preferred energy drink there are certain factors you need to consider which are:

  • Taste Preferences as An Individual
  • Health Status and restrictions
  • Caffeine Content


We sincerely believe our list of Energy drinks in Canada will aid you in making an informed decision when next you order any Energy drink in Canada.

I believe you got so much value from reading this Article on the best Energy Drinks in Canada. Share this Article with your Friends and Family.

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