Top 10 Best Milk In Canada

Best Milk In Canada

It’s essential to include milk as part of your diet, due to its nutritional value, drinking milk enriches the body with rich Nutrients, Let’s Review The Best Milk In Canada.

Canada has several unique brands of milk that are of Top-notch Quality, in this Article, I will expose you to the Best Milk In Canada.

Canada is one of the top Milk producers in the world, Canada ranks among the top 20 biggest milk producers in the world, coming after countries like USA, Uk, Brazil, France, Poland e.t.c.

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We understand how complicated it is to select the most suitable milk product out of the numerous milk brands in Canada.

More reason we took out time to compile some of the most nutritious and well-treated milks in Canada.

We encourage you to read through carefully because we will review each of these milk highlighting some of thier nutritional benefits.

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What kind of Milk Is Available In Canada?

There are several kinds of milk in Canada, ranging from organic milk, synthetic milk, and skim milk e.t.c.

The Canadian milk industry also offers several flavors of milk like chocolate milk, vanilla milk, Strawberry milk e.t.c.

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Which Milk Is Good For Health In Canada?

Below are some of the healthy and most nutritious Types of Milk to drink in Canada.

1. Organic Milk



Organic Milk is more Nutritious than Artificial milk because they are obtained naturally from Cows.

Most Organic milk is free from all sorts of chemicals and Flavorings, these milks are rich in vitamin D, calcium, and protein.

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2. Milk Obtained From Plant

Just as we have milk obtained from cows, we also have milk produced from Plants, some examples of plant-based milk include Soya milk, Oat Milk, Almond milk, Cashew milk e.t.c.

Milk obtained from plants is preferable for individuals interested in maintaining or reducing Weight because it contains fewer fats and Calories than Organic Milk e.t.c.

Is Canadian Milk High-Quality?

Yes, Canadian Milk are of high quality, they are well-treated and produced under strict conditions enforced by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency(CFIA).

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency(CFIA) monitors the pre and post-production processes involved in the production of milk in Canada, Thereby making sure the milk is safe and free from all forms of contamination.

How Do I choose Milk In Canada?

Below are some of the major pointers you should consider before purchasing any Milk in Canada.

1. Fat

Before consuming any milk in Canada, you should confirm the volume of fats it contains, to see if it suits you.

Milk with higher fats are preferable for children, whereas milk with lesser Fat content are best for adults, and individuals interested in maintaining weight.

2. Type Of Milk

When choosing milk, you should also consider the type of milk involved, to know if it is suitable for you.

1. Lactose-free milk

Lactose-free milk is best for individuals who have issues digesting Lactose into thier system, examples of the Best Milk In Canada that are Lactose-free include Dairysky, Sproud, Barista Oat milk e.t.c

2. Organic Milk

Organic milk are the most nutritious type of milk, they are obtained naturally from Cows, this type of milk contains fewer chemicals or additives.

3. Regular Milk

Regular milk is an advanced version of organic milk,because they are gotten from cows treated with several hormones and antibiotics to hasten and improve milk production.

Whereas organic milk are obtained from cows that are naturally trained without the use of antibiotics.

4. Fortified Milk

Fortified milk are milk that are artificially fortified with nutrients like Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin B e.t.c.

This type of milk are the most popular type of milk being sold in Canada, they are found in most retail outlets, stores, and supermarkets in Canada.

3. Brand

When choosing milk in Canada, you should also consider the brand’s quality, verify the brand’s history and reputation before consuming any of thier products.

4. Pack

Before purchasing any milk in Canada you should carefully go through its pack, to confirm the expiry date and nutritional information, to see if it fits your Health status.

Best Milk In Canada

Welcome back buddy, the list below is a comprehensive list of the Best Milk In Canada.

  • Agropur Milk
  • Beatrice Milk
  • Farmers Milk
  • Saputo
  • Hewitt’s
  • Neilson Milk
  • Trensite
  • Sealtest
  • Donia Farm Grass Fed Milk
  • Fairlife

1. Agropur Milk


The popular Agropur Milk is among the Best Milk In Canada, this milk is one of the top Diary products of Agropur Diary Co-operative.

The Agropur Diary Co-operative Society is situated in the city of Quebec, this organization specializes in the production of several dairy goods like yogurt, milk e.t.c.

Agropur Diary Co-operative Society is indeed one of the biggest milk producers in Canada, the co-operative currently employs close to 8000 Canadian residents.

The Agropur brand offers several unique options of milk, both Fluid and powdered milk.

some of the unique options of milk produced by the Agropur brand are listed below:

  • Central Diaries
  • Farmers
  • Lucerne
  • Northumberland Milk
  • Quebon

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2. Beatrice Milk

Beatrice Milk


Beatrice Milk is also ranked among the Best Milk in Canada, this milk is 100% Canadian Milk.

The Beatrice Milk Brand is among the list of dairy products manufactured by Lactalis Canada, whose headquarters is situated in the city of Toronto.

The Beatrice milk brand sources its milk from Canadian farms, thereby supporting and Encouraging Canadian farmers.

Beatrice Milk offers several types of milk ranging from skimmed milk, Homogenised milk, Partly skimmed milk(1% and 2%), and Condensed milk.

The Beatrice milk brand also has A Chocolate flavored milk, which comes in a 1L,2L,3L,237ml, and 473ml pack.

The Chocolate flavored milk of the Beatrice Brand has a creamy taste of chocolate, and it is fortified with vitamins A and D.

Surprisingly the Beatrice brand also has a low-fat buttermilk which comes in a 1-litre pack, it’s buttermilk is well-fortified with Calcium.

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3. Farmers Milk

Farmers Milk


Farmers Milk is Among the range of dairy products owned by the dairy Farmer’s in Canada.

This Milk is 1oo% sourced from Canadian Farms,this milk is always fresh are it’s indeed of top-notch quality.

Farmers milk is 100% natural, the milk has no antibiotics or hormones in it content.

The Farmers Milk Brand Also provides several options of Flavored milk like Chocolate Milk, Vanilla Flavoured Milk, Buttermilk e.t.c

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4. Saputo



The Saputo Brand Is also among the Leading milk producers in Canada,aside from its dairy products the Saputo brand also produces Cheese.

Saputo company has several brands under its trademark, these brands specialize in the production of different flavors of milk and Cheese.

However, in This Article, we will concentrate on the top Milk products under the Saputo Brand.

1. Joyya Milk

Joyya Milk


The Joyya Milk Brand under Saputo is a rich source of protein, although it contains lesser Amounts of Lactose.

This Milk has close to 75% of Protein contents and around 25% of Lactose in its contents.

The Several options of milk offered by the Joyya Milk brand Include, chocolate Milk,  Skimmed Milk, and 3.25%,2% partly skimmed.

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The Milk2Go Brand is also among the top Products Under Saputo Canada, this brand specializes in the production of Flavored milk.

The Milk2Go brand offers all kinds of Flavored milk like Vanilla milk, Strawberry Milk, Coffee Flavored milk, Raspberry Milk, Banana Milk, e.t.c.

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The DiaryLand brand of Saputo specializes in the production of Organic milk, this milk is 100% free from antibiotics and Hormones.

Dairyland Milk is a rich source of protein, the milk has more protein in its contents, around 18g of protein.

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5. Hewitt’s-Best Milk In Canada

Hewitt's-Best Milk In Canada


The Hewitt’s brand is part of the Gay Lea Foods Co-operative family, this brand offers several varieties of Milk.

Hewitt’s milk brand offers chocolate-flavored Milk, homogenized milk, milk of lesser fat content, and organic milk.

Surprisingly The Hewitt’s Brand also produces Goat Milk with a minimum of  2% milk fat.

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6. Neilson Milk

Neilson Milk


Nelson milk is among the top dairy products under the Saputo Brand,100% of this milk comes from Canadian Farms.

Neilson milk is currently the most trusted milk by Canadians Based on Brandspark Canadian Shopper study.

This milk brand offers several varieties of homogenized milk, skimmed milk which are packaged and distributed in 2L,1L,3L,4L,237ml, and 473 Cartons.

7. Trensite

Just like other Canadian milk, the Trensite brand obtains its milk from Canadian Farms.

Trensite Milk is an whole milk powder, the milk has a powder content rather than the conventional fluid milk.

Trensite Milk offers 3.25% partly skimmed milk powder to Canadian residents in sealed bags.

Trensite milk is best for drinking, baking, and cooking. The milk could also be used to improve the diet of Individuals with poor Appetite.

Surprisingly this Canadian milk is quite suitable for children between the ages of three(3) and above, likewise Adults.

Trensite Milk is purely natural, it has no preservatives, or Hormones in its content.

Trensite Milk is a rich source of Protein, calcium, Vitamin D, minerals, and some enriching nutrients.

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8. Sealtest

Just like Farmers Milk, the Sealtest Milk is among the list of dairy products owned by Canadian Dairy Farmers.

Sealtest Milk is a pure natural milk, obtained from Canadian Farms, this milk is free from preservatives, Antibiotics, and Hormones.

Sealtest Milk is quite preferable for Adults, and those interested in losing or maintaining weight due to its lesser fat content.

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9. Donia Farms Grass Fed Milk

Donia Farms Grass Fed Milk


The Donia Farm Grass Fed Milk is also Among the Best Milk In Canada, this milk is sourced from Donia Farms.

Donia Farms happens to be one of the Top Diary farms in Canada, it’s was established in 1955 by Dutch Immigrants.

Donia Farms specializes in the production of dairy products like Yogurt and Milk, Donia Farms also produces Cheese and Butter.

The Supposed Grass Fed Milk produced by Donia Farms is an organic milk, which comes in a 2L and 4L Plastic Bottle.

Donia Farms Grass Fed Milk has higher Fat Content, surprisingly this milk also has chocolate milk.

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10. Fairlife



Last on our list of the Best Milk In Canada, is Fairlife milk, this milk has more protein in its content.

Fairlife milk is 100% Canadian Milk, this milk is owned and managed by the Famous Coca-Cola company.

This Milk has a lesser amount of sugar in its content, the milk was first produced in 2012, this Milk brand offers several varieties of milk, visit its page for Clarity.

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FAQs On The Best Milk In Canada

What kind of Milk Is Available In Canada?

  • Organic Milk
  • Skimmed Milk
  • Homogenized Milk
  • Flavored Milk e.g chocolate milk, vanilla milk e.t.c.
  • Partly Skimmed Milk
  • Regular Milk

Why is Milk Expensive In Canada?

Diary products like milk are Expensive in Canada due to the cost of production.

The Canadian Diary Commission (CDC), monitors and determines the price of milk in Canada.

Canadian Diary Commission (CDC) sets the prices of milk in Canada based on the data obtained from its workers who visit Canadian Diary Farms regularly.

The supposed data submitted by the Workers of Canadian Diary Commission depicts the cost of producing dairy products in Canada, which in turn determines the cost of milk.


The Aforementioned Milk in this blog post are the Best Milk In Canada, they are sold in most stores and supermarkets in Canada.

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