11 Delicious Florida Mocktail Drinks

Florida Mocktail

The city of Florida has several Tasty and Nutritious Mocktail Recipes, In this Article, we will review some of the best Florida Mocktail drinks.

Honestly, there are several Mocktails, which give you a feel of the Creativity and the rich drinking culture in Florida.

The City of Florida has several Indigenous mocktail drinks that are quite tasty and Nutritious.

These Florida Mocktail Drinks Are best served when chilled, they are of good quality and are best fit for entertaining Guests during parties or Social Gatherings.

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Also, Florida Mocktails are among the best alternatives for Individuals interested in maintaining their weight, because they contain low Calories in proportion.

These Mocktail drinks are great go-to options for individuals conscious About their Health, Florida Mocktail drinks are rich in Antioxidants, Vitamins, and some minerals.

Some of the popular Mocktail drinks in the City of Florida are Palmetto Pineapple Splash, Mango Mint Bliss, Sunshine Citrus Sparkler, etc.

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So if you are a Mocktail enthusiast, this resource will show you some of the best mocktails that will make your stay in Florida more memorable and refreshing.

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Which Is The Most Popular Mocktail In Florida?

1. Virgin Mojito

Virgin Mojito mocktail


Virgin Mojito is among the most popular Florida Mocktail Drinks, this Mocktail is a blend of Minted leaves, Lime, Sugar, and Soda Water.

Virgin Mojito has a more soothing and refreshing taste when served over Ice.

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2. Virgin Pina Colada

Virgin Pina Colada mocktail


Florida’s Virgin Pina Colada is made from Blended pineapple, sugar, and coconut milk.

This Florida Mocktail drink is also Garnished with minted leaves and maraschino Cherries.

3. Mango Mint Bliss

Mango Mint bliss mocktail


The blending of Fresh mango, Lime, Coconut water, soda water, and Mint leaves together will give you this tasty and Nutritious Mocktail Drink.

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4. Sunshine Citrus Sparkler

Sunshine Citrus Sparkler


The Next most popular Florida Mocktail is Sunshine Citrus Sparkler, the major Fruits used in making this Mocktail drink are Orange and Grapefruits.

Although the Sunshine Citrus Sparkler mocktail also contains soda water and Honey.

What are mocktails made of?

Mocktails are made from squashed or Blended fruits and Vegetables, they also contain soda water and some essential ingredients mixed in the right quantity.

What Do They Drink In Florida?

Below are some of the common beverages you can find in Florida.

1. Mocktails



Residents of Florida have a strong likeness for Nourishing Mocktails, Mocktail drinks are mostly served at parties, and social gatherings in Florida.

Surprisingly some families in Florida have included Mocktails as part of their diet, they tend to take these Beverages during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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2. Smoothies



Florida residents are health-conscious, so they tend to incorporate smoothies as part of their Diet.

Smoothies are mostly consumed during Sunny or warm weather in Florida, aside from the numerous health benefits of smoothies, smoothies could also be used to satisfy your Hydration needs.

Some of the common smoothie recipes in Florida are Papaya passion, Mango Tango, Citrus splash, Tropical Bliss e.t.c

3. Water



due to the warm weather in Florida, residents of Florida tend to drink water, to help prevent dehydration.

4. Orange Juice

Orange Juice


The city of Florida has several orange juice brands that help meet the increasing demand for orange juice in the city.

The orange juice market in the city of Florida has several unique brands like Tropicana, Simply Orange, Florida’s Natural, Minute Maid e.t.c

5. Craft Beer

Craft Beer


The beer industry in the city of Florida has witnessed enormous growth in recent years due to the increasing demand for beer by residents of Florida.

This has led to the rise of several local breweries serving Florida’s population with several unique flavors of beer.

Some of the top Craft Beers in Florida are Morning Wood, Hunahpu Imperial Stout beer, Stella Artois e.t.c

6. Coconut Water

Coconut Water


Florida Residents are also fans of Coconut water, some of the popular Coconut water brands in the city of Florida are Vita Coco, Blue Monkey, Amy and Brian Coconut Juice, Zico, C2O, etc.

Coconut water in Florida is quite Affordable and can be purchased in most cafes, stores, and supermarkets in Florida.

Is A Mocktail A Virgin Drink?

Yes, Mocktails are Virgin Drinks, the consumption of Mocktails has no Age restriction.

individuals of all age brackets are free to incorporate mocktail drinks as part of their diet, though it’s shouldn’t be consumed excessively.

Top Florida Mocktail Drinks

Welcome Back! let’s get to see some of the top Mocktail drinks in the City of Florida.

  • Mango Passion Mocktail
  • Florida Citrus Splash Mocktail
  • Virgin Mojito Mocktail
  • Tropical Sunrise Mocktail
  • Virgin Pina Colada
  • Coconut Mint Bliss
  • Citrus Ginger Zinger
  • Guava Pasion Sparkle
  • Minty Pinneaple Punch
  • Tropical Blueberry Splash
  • Cran orange Spritz Mocktail

1. Mango Passion Mocktail

Mango Passion Mocktail


First on our list of top Florida Mocktail is the tasty and Nutritious Mango Passion Mocktail drink.

The Mango Passion Mocktail drink is a complete blend of passion fruit juice, and club soda with mango juice, this mocktail drink is also a garnished slice of mango fruits.

You could either prepare this Mocktail drink at home or purchase any of the packaged brands of Mango Passion Mocktail from any of the top stores, restaurants, and bars in Florida.

For more information regarding this Florida Mocktail drink, do well to click here

2. Florida Citrus Splash Mocktail

Florida Citrus Splash Mocktail


Florida Citrus Splash Mocktail is also among the top Mocktail Drinks in the city of Florida.

This Mocktail drink is made from the blending of orange fruit, Lime, Grapefruits, and water all together.

For a more refreshing and tasty drink, this mocktail is garnished with slices of orange and mint leaves. For more detailed information regarding the Florida Citrus Splash Mocktail drink click here

3. Virgin Mojito Mocktail

Virgin Mojito mocktail


Virgin Mojito Mocktail is also among the top Florida Mocktail drinks, this mocktail is a mix of lime juice, Club soda, sugar, and mint leaves.

This mocktail drink is among the top 10 most popular mocktail drinks in Florida, mostly served during parties and social events in Florida.

To learn how to prepare Florida’s Virgin Mojito Mocktail, do well to Click Here

4. Tropical Sunrise Mocktail

Tropical Sunrise Mocktail


Florida’s Tropical Sunrise Mocktail drink is a mix of orange juice and pineapple juice, adequate amount of grenadine is also added to this Mocktail drink to help the taste.

For a more Nourishing and Tasty Tropical Sunrise Mocktail, do well to serve over Ice.

5. Virgin Pina Colada

Virgin Pina Colada mocktail


The Virgin Pina Colada Mocktail drink is a complete mix of pure pineapple juice, Coconut milk, Lime juice, sugar, and mint leaves.

Do remember to add an Adequate amount of Ice Cubes to this Mocktail, one(1) to two(2) cups of Ice Cubes is quite enough.

Virgin Pina Colada Mocktail drink is also best served when chilled,you are free to garnish this Mocktail drink with slices of pineapple.

6. Coconut Mint Breeze

Coconut Mint Breeze


Coconut Mint Bliss is also among the most delicious Mocktail Drink in Florida, this Mocktail drink is made from the blending of Lime fruits with Coconut water, mint leaves, syrup, and ice cubes.

How To Prepare

  • Get a Functional Blender
  • Wash your Mint leaves thoroughly making sure it’s free from dirt
  • Also, wash the lime Fruits thoroughly
  • Put the Lime Fruits and minted leaves inside the Blender, and Blend it to a liquid state.
  • After BlendingĀ  your lime, add coconut water, ice cubes, syrup
  • Stir thoroughly
  • the highlighted steps should give you your Tasty and Nutritious Mocktail drink.

7.Citrus Ginger Zinger

Citrus Ginger Zinger


To prepare Florida’s Citrus Ginger Zinger Mocktail drink, you just need to blend Orange, Lemon, and Ginger all together.

How To Prepare

  • make sure your orange and Lemon fruits are washed
  • Also, make sure your Ginger ale is free from Dirt
  • Put all ingredients into your Blender or food processor and Blend.
  • Add some Ice cubes andĀ  Mixed thoroughly
  • The above-highlighted steps are sure guides you could use in preparing the Citrus Ginger Zinger Mocktail drink.

8. Guava Pasion Sparkle

Guava Pasion Sparkle


If you’re a Fan of Guava, this Mocktail should indeed be a perfect choice for you.

The Guava Pasion sparkle mocktail is a blend of Squashed Guava fruits with passion fruit juice, sparkling water, and Mint leaves.

The Guava Passion Sparkle Moctail Drink is also sweetened with a simple Syrup.

However, your choice of syrup used in sweetening this Mocktail drink should be based on your taste preferences as an Individual.

Funny enough you could add some slices of guava and lime to help beautify and give your Mocktail drink some distinctive class.

Do remember to add some icing to your Mocktail, for a more refreshing and soothing taste.

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9. Minty Pinneaple Punch

Minty Pinneaple Punch

Photo Credit:

A mixture of pineapple juice with apple juice and some pieces of mint leaves will produce the delicious Minty Pineapple Punch Mocktail.

An adequate quantity of Ice cubes is also added to this mocktail drink to give it a fizzy and refreshing taste.

10. Tropical Blueberry Splash

Tropical Blueberry Splash


To prepare the Tropical Blueberry splash mocktail recipe, you should mix your blueberry juice with coconut water and lemonade juice obtained from squeezed lime.

The blueberry juice used in preparing this Mocktail is obtained from Squashed or blended blueberry fruits using a Blender or Food Processor.

For more information regarding this Mocktail recipe do well to Click here

11.Cran orange Spritz Mocktail

Cran orange Spritz Mocktail


Cran Orange Spritz Mocktail drink comes last on our list of common Mocktail Drinks in Florida.

This Mocktail drink is obtained from the mixing of Cranberry juice, orange juice, and club soda all together, with a little bit of icing(preferably two(2) to three(3) ice cubes).

Also, remember to add some Slices of orange to your Cran Orange Spritz Mocktail drink.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why Drink Mocktails?

Drinking Mocktails is preferable due to the enormous health benefits, excessive consumption of Mocktails poses no threat to the health.

Honestly, Mocktails are preferable to Cocktails or carbonated soft drinks, they are free from liquor.

Who Drinks Mojitos?

Mojitos are mostly consumed by individuals who have a strong likeness for lime-flavored beverages.

So if you are a Fan of Lime Flavoured drinks Mojitos Mocktail or cocktail drinks should be a perfect choice for you.

Are Mocktails Good?

Yes, Mocktails are good, they are of good quality and are best for individuals conscious about their health.

Where To Buy Mocktail Drinks?

  • Restaurants
  • Online Retail Stores like Amazon, Walmart e.t.c
  • Supermarkets
  • Grocery Stores e.g. Costco, Winn Dixie, Aldi, etc.
  • Stores that specializes in Selling Beverages

What Makes A Good Mocktail?

  • A good Mocktail shouldn’t be too sweet
  • A good Mocktail drink should have a good Appearance
  • A good Mocktail should be pleasant to the mouth and less thick
  • A good Mocktail should be made from freshly picked fruits.
  • All Ingredients used in preparing any Mocktail drink should be of high quality.
  • A good Mocktail drink should be served over ice

What Is In A Florida Mocktail?

  • Fruit Juice
  • Herbs
  • Soda Water
  • Simple syrups
  • Sliced Fruits

What Is Mocktail?

Mocktail drinks are mixed drinks with no Liquor content, mocktails are made from blended or squashed fruits and vegetables.

Are Mocktails Carbonated?

Yes, Some Mocktail drinks contain carbonated water, Although most Mocktails are made from pure fruit juice and syrup.


The highlighted Mocktail drinks, in this blog post are among the top Mocktails in the city of Florida.

A sip of any of these Mocktail drinks will give you a long lasting experience.

We believe this article was quite helpful and Educative all along,do well to share with your family and Friends.

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