15 High Sugar Energy Drinks That Are Sweet

High Sugar Energy Drinks

Oftentimes we are mostly concerned about the Energy boost provided by Energy drinks, and ignoring the Sugar Contents, in This Article, I Have Drafted some of High Sugar Energy Drinks you should consume moderately.

Before purchasing or drinking any Energy drink, you should Literally take note of the amount of Sugar they Contain, for the sole interest of your Health.

Being properly informed on the grams of Sugar in each energy drink will aid you in choosing the right Energy drink that suits your Health status as an Individual.

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Also, Taking note of the amount of sugar in an Energy drink before drinking, will prevent you from drinking such drink excessively.

Excessive consumption of some Energy Drinks could lead to a devastating illness caused by excess sugar in the body.

Some of the health hazards caused by inadequate drinking of High Sugar Energy Drinks include Diabetes, heart-related illness, Obesity, excessive Belly fat, high blood sugar levels e.t.c.

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However, Despite the numerous Health Hazards associated with consuming excessive sugar, consuming sugar is also beneficial.

Based on the DubaiPT Personal Trainers report, the intake of Sugar provides our body with vitamins and micronutrients.

Sugar intake could also boost your brain performance and also help in improving the smoothness and complexion of your skin.

This Article is not to condemn the intake of Sugar completely but to raise awareness on how you could take sugar moderately without incurring its Side Effects.

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According to the National Health Service UK, 30 grams of Sugar is okay for Adults in a Day, whereas children can consume about 24 grams of Sugar in a day without incurring any side effects.

As you read this Resource, you will get to know which of the Energy drinks suit your Health and the specific High Sugar Energy Drinks you should avoid.

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What Is The Strongest Energy Drink?

The Caffeine Content in an Energy Drink determines how strong and Effective such a Drink would be.

The Below Listed Beverages are Top Energy Drinks With High Caffeine Content.

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1. Bang Energy

Bang Energy is among the Strongest Energy Drinks, this drink has high amount of Caffeine, Bang Energy has about 300 grams of Caffeine per can.

Bang Energy Drink is filled with several Amino Acids and Electrolytes, the drink has no sugar in its content.

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2. Monster Energy Drink

Monster Energy Drink is one of the oldest and strongest Energy drinks in the world today.

Monster Energy Drink contains about 140 grams of Caffeine in its 400ml can, whereas a 500ml Can of Monster Energy drink contains 160 grams of caffeine.

3. Celsius Energy Drink

Celsius Energy is also among the most Effective Energy drinks in the world today, the drink has about 200 grams of Caffeine per Can.

4. Reign Total Body Fuel

The Next Most Effective Energy drink is Reign Total Body Fuel, this Energy drink is among the list of Beverage products produced by Monster Beverage in the United States.

The Energy Drink is been produced by the same company that produces Monster Energy Drink.

With respect to the Caffeine Content, Reign Total Body Fuel Energy drink has about 300 grams of Caffeine per Can.

Are Sugar-Free Energy Drinks A Safer Option?

Yes, Sugar-Free Energy drinks are Quite Safer and preferred than High Sugar Energy Drinks, Based on the reasons Highlighted Below:

1. They Help Reduce Calorie Intake

Energy drinks that are free of sugar have low amounts of Calories, this Type of Energy Drink is best for individuals interested in maintaining weight.

2. It’s Reduces The Risk of Having Diabetes

Consumption of Sugar-Free Energy reduces the risk of having Diabetes, an illness caused by the Excessive Amount of Sugar In the Body.

Sugar-Free Energy Drink is Indeed a perfect Beverage drink for those suffering From Diabetes Mellitus,it’s will indeed help prevent thier situation from getting worse.

3. Reduces The risk of Dental Problems

Too much consumption of sugary drinks affects the Teeth negatively, leading to all manner of Tooth related issues like Tooth Decay, Gum Disease e.t.c.

So If you wish to avoid Dental related health issues, Sugar-Free Energy Drinks would sincerely be a perfect choice for you.

4. Helps In Maintaining Blood Sugar Level

Sugar-Free Energy Drinks are best For Those interested in Maintaining thier Blood Sugar, Drinking an Energy Drink that has no sugar will help prevent your Blood Sugar From rising.

5. Prevents Bad Breath

Consumption of Sugar-Free Energy drinks, rather High Sugar Energy Drinks, saves you from Having Bad Breaths.

Having a Bad Breath as An individual could be Disgraceful, especially if you are discussing In Public.

Sugary Energy drinks contain Chemical compounds that react with some Specific bacteria in the mouth, this chemical reaction leads to an Unpleasant smell coming from the mouth.

So if you wish to prevent mouth odor it’s best you drink Sugar-Free Energy drinks rather than Those with Excessive Sugar.

Can High Sugar Intake Lead To Addiction?

Yes, Consuming excessive sugary products will eventually make you have more Appetite for sweet food items like never before, Leading to an Addiction.

High Sugar Energy Drinks

Let’s Review some of the popular High Sugar Energy Drinks in the world Today, more emphasis will be made on thier sugar content in each drink container.

  • Red Bull Energy Drink
  • Monster Energy Drink
  • Rockstar Energy Drink
  • Mountain Dew AMP Energy Drink
  • NOS Energy Drink
  • Hype Energy Drink
  • Full throttle
  • Burn Energy Drink
  • Gatorade Energy Drink
  • KX Energy
  • Relentless Origin Energy Drink
  • Burn+ Energy Drink
  • Get-G0-N Plus
  • Coca-cola Energy drink
  • Starbucks Baya Energy Drink

1. Red Bull Energy Drink

Red Bull


First Energy drink on the list of High Sugar Energy Drinks is Red Bull Energy Drink.

Red Bull Energy Drink is mostly packaged in a 250ml Container, the 250ml Container of this Energy drink has about 27 grams of Sugar.

2. Monster Energy Drink

Monster Energy


Monster Energy Drink is also among the Energy drinks that are sugary, this Energy drink has Excessive sugar Content, compared to others Earlier mentioned.

For Every 100ml of Monster drink, there is about 11 grams of sugar in its contents.

Take for instance the 5ooml can of Monster Energy Drink has about 55 grams of Sugar in its Content, whereas the 773ml can of this drink could have about 77 grams of sugar.

3. Rockstar Energy Drink

Rockstar Energy


Rockstar Energy Drink is Next in line on the list of High Sugar Energy Drinks, the Drink is packaged and sold in a 500ml Can.

This Energy Drink has more sugar than Monster Energy drink, Rockstar Energy drink contains About 63 grams of Sugar per 500ml can.

4. Mountain Dew AMP Energy Drink

Mountain Dew AMP Energy Drink


AMP Energy is among the list of Energy drinks that are very sugary, AMP Energy drink comes in several unique Flavors Lemonade, Strawberry Limeade, Tropical Punch, Cherry blast e.t.c.

For Every 100 milliliter of Mountain Dew AMP Energy Drink, there are about 12 grams of Sugar.

So if you the 500ml can of this Energy drink, will contain about 60 grams of Sugar.

5. NOS Energy Drink

NOS Energy Drink


NOS Energy Drink is also considered one of the most Sugary Energy drinks.

This Energy drink has about 53 grams of Sugar in its 473ml sized can, whereas 24oml of NOS Energy drink contains 23 grams of Sugar in its content.

6. Hype Energy Drink

Another Sugary beverage in our list of High Sugar Energy Drinks is the Sweet and Delicious Hype Energy Drink.

This Sugary Beverage has about 5o grams of Sugar in its 500ml Sized can, the drink is mostly packaged in Six per pack.

Lovers of this Energy Drink should drink it moderately to help safeguard thier health.

To be on the safer side it is okay to consume the 250ml size can of this Energy Drink in a day, because it has less sugar.

7. Full throttle

Full throttle


Full Throttle Energy Drink is one of America’s Leading Energy Drink, this Beverage also has about 30 grams of Sugar per can(248ml).

8. Burn Energy Drink

Burn Energy Drink


The Next Energy drink on our list is Burn Energy Drink, this Drink is best fits for DJs, Artists, producers, and Festivals.

Burn Energy drink has several Fruity Flavors that are mostly sold in a 250ml-sized cans.

The 250ml sized can of this Energy drink has about 33.2 grams of Sugar in its content.

9. Gatorade Energy Drink

Gatorade Energy Drink


Gatorade Energy Drink offers Several unique flavors like Orange Ice, Lemon Lime, Berry, Grape e.t.c.

Surprising This Energy Drink is Packaged in a 600ml Sized bottle, in Every Bottle of this drink, there are about 36 grams of sugar.

Nevertheless, Gatorade Energy drink also has several drink options that have no Sugar in thier content.

10. KX Energy-High Sugar Energy Drinks

KX Energy


KX Energy is mostly packaged in a 250ml-sized can, this Energy drink is quite low in Fat but contains high amount of Caffeine.

Based on Research KX Energy drink has about 30 grams of Caffeine in Every 250ml Can, and 12.22 grams of Sugar per Can.

11. Relentless Origin Energy Drink

Relentless Origin Energy Drink is one of the list of Beverages produced by Coca-Cola Company.

This Beverage is a Carbonated Energy drink, Filled with Caffeine, Taurine, Guarana, and Vitamin B.

Relentless Origin Energy Drink Actually contains about 19 grams of Sugar in Every of it’s 500ml Sized Can.

12.Burn+ Energy Drink

Burn+ Energy Drink is an Upgraded version of the original Burn Energy Drink, it is Packaged and Distributed in a 250ml and 500ml Sized Can.

In Every 250ml Can of this Drink, there are about 33.2 grams of Sugar, whereas the 500ml Can of this Energy Drink contains over 60 grams of Sugar.

13. Get-Go-N Plus Energy Drink

Get-G0-N Plus is another High Sugar Energy Drinks, although it contains less sugar than all the Initial Energy Drinks Highlighted Earlier in this Article.

Get-Go-N Plus comes in a 300g pack filled with powder, rather than the Conventional fluid Energy drinks.

To boost your Energy through Get-Go-N Plus you will have to mix its powder thoroughly in water or any drink.

Get-Go-N Plus Energy drink contains about 9 grams of Sugar Per Serving, a maximum of Two spoons of the powder is okay to mix in Every Beverage.

14. Coca-Cola energy drink

Coca-Cola energy drink


Coca-cola Energy Drinks should also not be consumed Excessively due to its High Sugar Content.

This Beverage has about 10.3 grams of Sugar per serving, this simply means a 500ml Can of this Energy drink will contain 51.3 grams of Sugar.

15. Starbucks Baya Energy Drink

Starbucks Baya Energy Drink


Starbucks Baya Energy Drink is another beverage product from the US-based company Known as Starbucks.

The Starbucks Baya Energy Drink has several flavors like Raspberry, Mango Guava, Pineapple e.t.c.

Starbucks Baya Energy Drink contains a good number of Calories, there are about 90 grams of Calories in every 500ml Can of this Drink.

Regarding The Sugar Content, this Energy Drink has about 22 grams of Sugar per Can.

FAQs On The High Sugar Energy Drinks

Do Energy Drinks Affect Blood Sugar?

Not all Energy drinks Affect Blood Sugar Levels, however, Energy drinks with high amounts of Caffeine and Sugar are prone to Affect the blood sugar level.

Energy drinks with too much sugar could cause a spike in blood sugar and also Excessive Caffeine in an Energy drink could also reduce the effectiveness of insulin in regulating the Blood sugar.

Can Energy Drinks Cause Diabetes?

Yes, Energy drinks that contain high amounts of Sugar and caffeine are prone to cause Diabetes.

Why Do Energy Drinks Have So Much Sugar?

Energy Drinks have so much Sugar to help satisfy the Tastebuds of Consumers, and also to stimulate a Quick Boost in Energy, when consumers drink them.

What Energy Drink Can A Diabetic Drink?

Diabetic Patients are Advised to consume Energy drinks that are free from Sugar and Caffeine.

Notwithstanding individuals with diabetes could also consume Energy drinks with low amounts of Caffeine, provided it’s taken moderately with respect to thier Health status.

Some of the Top Energy Drinks that are free from Sugar include V8 Energy Drink, C4 Energy Drink, Amino Energy Drink, Prime Energy Drink e.t.c.


The High Sugar Energy Drinks mentioned in this blog post should be consumed moderately, to help safeguard you from health hazards due to excessive consumption of Sugar.

Individuals who have Diabetes should look for more Healthier options of Energy Drinks that are free from sugar.

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