8 Best Juice Brands In Canada Today

Juice Brands In Canada
Juice Brands In Canada

Are you Interested in Knowing the Top Juice Brands In Canada? if yes you are on the right track.

This article will show you several Tasty and Nutritious local juice brands in Canada.

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Do ensure you read through carefully to know the best Canadian Juice that suits your taste and is also beneficial to your health.

Honestly, most Canadian residents have strong likeness for juice, irrespective of the brand.

From Experience Canadians within the age range of seven(7) and twenty(20) are fond of consuming juice excessively.

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Although there are several juice brands in Canada mostly consumed by individuals who are Older due to their Health benefits.

Take for instance the tasty and nutritious Apple flavored Allien juice is always a good go-to juice for the older generations in Canada due to it’s nutritional benefits.

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Also, Natural fruit juices without added sugars or preservatives are mostly consumed by Adults in Canada.

Due to the increasing demand for quality juice in Canada, the Canadian juice industry has consistently witnessed vast growth.

Thereby providing all forms of juicy flavors to help satisfy and cater for the tastes of juice enthusiasts in Canada.

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There are several Juice products in Canada ranging from orange juice, apple juice, Grape juice, Tropical fruit juice, vegetable Juice etc.

So no matter your taste preference Canada has a suitable juice recipe that will give you a Lasting Experience.

Currently, the major players among the Juice Brands In Canada are Sun-Rype,Oasis,Tropicana, and Simply Orange.

To know more about the various Local Juice brands in Canada, do ensure you read this blog post down to the End.

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What Are Juice?

Based on Wikipedia’s Definition Juice are tasty beverage or liquid obtained from squashed or blended fruit or vegetables.

Importance of Juice Brands In Canada

Honestly, Canadian Juice Brands Juice reflects the Canadian culture,it also shows the creativity of the Canadian People.

These Juice brands serve as a symbol of health, vitality, and refreshment, They provide more nutritional value than regular beverages.

Juice is indeed part of the daily diet routine of most Canadians, this is due to its significant importance in promoting the health and wellness of the human body.

1. Improves Health

Most Canadian Juice Brands are made from naturally blended fruits and vegetables which contain essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, magnesium,Calcuim etc.

These vitamins and minerals in the constituents of this Canadian fruit juice helps to improve the Health and Wellbeing of the Human body.

2. Variety of Flavours

The Canadian Juice brands offer several unique flavours to help satisfy your taste buds with respect to your preferences as a person.

Presently in Canada, there are several juices with Unique flavours like the likes of orange juice, Exotic tropical juice, vegetable-flavoured juice recipes etc

Honestly, these juicy flavours provide Canadians the opportunity to Enjoy several flavours of juice and also harness the nutritional benefits of these Juices.

3. Canadian juice Contain Natural Ingredients

Most Canadian Juice brands are made from natural ingredients like fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.

This juice is indeed free from Artificial flavours or additives which could be detrimental to the health.

For Individuals who wish to have a taste of naturally prepared juice free from artificial additives the Juice Brands In Canada is indeed a great go-to option.

4. Improves The Country’s Agriculture Economy

A good number of the Juice Brands In Canada make use of locally sourced fruits, and vegetables directly obtained from local farms in Canada.

Sourcing these fruits and vegetables locally will be beneficial to Canadian farmers and will also improve the Agriculture Economy in Canada.

5. Export Opportunities

Due to the tasty and nutritional benefits of Canadian Juice brands, these local juice brands have gained international recognition worldwide.

Canadian juice has indeed gained popularity in Countries like the US, United Kingdom, Australia and some other top countries of the world.

However, the exportation of this juice to other countries has indeed contributed positively to the growth of the Canadian Economy and has also reduce the unemployment rate in the country.

What Apple Juice Is Made In Canada?

The list below is a comprehensive list of apple fruit juices that are made in Canada.

  • Treehouse Apple Juice
  • Oasis Apple Juice
  • Simply Apple
  • Earth’s Own Apple
  • Artisanal Apple Juice

1. Treehouse Apple Juice

Treehouse Apple Juice

Treehouse Apple Juice

The Treehouse Apple juice is made from Apple extracts obtained from Canadian Orchards.

Treehouse Canada is well known for several unique flavours of Apple juice in Canada.

2. Oasis Apple Juice

Oasis Apple Juice

Oasis Apple Juice

Oasis Apple fruit juice is among the most nutritious Apple flavoured fruit juices in Canada.

This Canadian juice brand is made from squashed apple fruits obtained from different regions in Canada.

The Oasis Apple Juice is indeed a rich source of Vitamin C and it has no preservatives in it’s ingredients.

3. Simply Apple

Simply Apple

Simply Apple

Simply Apple comes next on our list of top Apple-flavoured juice brands in Canada.

Honestly, this Fruit juice would be quite beneficial for Adults or elderly people in Canada.

This Is because Simply Apple has no added sugar or preservatives in it’s constituents.

if you are diabetic and wish to have a taste of Apple juice in Canada, I strongly suggest you try out Simply Apple.

4. Earth’s Own Apple

Earth’s Own Apple is yet another apple-flavoured juice in Canada, this fruit juice contains a blend of Apples that are locally sourced from top organic farms in Canada.

5. Artisanal Apple Juice

Artisanal Apple Juice

Artisanal Apple Juice

Artisanal apple juice is locally made Apple fruit juice mostly produced by small-scale business owners in Canada.

They are manually produced on a small scale like cocktail drinks and are mostly common in several rural areas in Canada.

Juice Brands In Canada

Welcome Back! let’s get to the real business of Exploring several top Canadian Juices that are tasty and nutritious.

  • Tropicana Fruit Juice
  • Sunkist
  • Eh-some Juice
  • Sunrype
  • Allens Fruit Juice
  • Fairlee Apple Juice
  • Del Monte Green Apple Fruit Juice
  • Simply Apple

1. Tropicana Fruit Juice

Tropicana Fruit Juice

Tropicana Fruit Juice

Tropicana Fruit juice is among the top Juice Brands In Canada, although it is produced by an American-owned juice company.

Tropicana Fruit Juice offers several unique flavours of fruit juice in the Canadian juice market ranging from it orange juice, Apple juice, lemonade juice etc.

Tropicana being among the top juice companies in Canada utilises hand-picked fresh fruit for its juice.

This fruit juice has no preservatives, added sugar, or artificial flavours, in it’s ingredients.

All Tropicana juice products are pasteurized and are safe for consumption, these juices are simply free from Germs.

For more information on the Tropicana Fruit juice Click Here

List Of Tropicana Juice Flavors

  • Tropicana Pinneaple mango juice
  • Tropicana Lemonade
  • Tropicana Watermelon Fruit juice
  • Tropicana Strawberry fruit juice
  • Tropicana Cranberry Cocktail

2. Sunkist

Sunkist being among the top juice brands in Canada offers several flavors to the Canadian juice market.

The Sunkist juice brand company is located in New Brunswick Canada, they are one of the top juice producers in Canada, Sunkist also produces fruit snacks.

All juice flavors of the Sunkist brand are made from blended fresh fruits that are locally sourced in Canada.

preferably the Sunkist brand makes use of fresh ripe fruits to ensure their fruit juices are more tasty and nutritious.

just like the Tropicana fruit juice, Sunkist fruit juices are made from natural ingredients.

Sunkist fruit juice has no preservatives, Artificial flavors,or colors in its constituents, you are assured of pure fruit juice.

From experience Canadian Sunkist juice comes in several bottle sizes, they are also packaged in Cans.

List of Sunkist Juice Flavours

  • Sunkist Lemon Juice
  • Sunkist Orange Juice
  • Sunkist pineapple juice
  • Sunkist Strawberry Juice
  • Sunkist Apple juice

3. Eh-some Juice

Eh-some Juice

Eh-some Juice

Eh-some Juice is another outstanding Canadian juice brand, this drink is indeed a taste of Canada’s natural beauty and culture.

Eh-some fruit juice has several unique flavors like it’s Maple Bliss juice, Prarie Berry Bust, Boreal Forest Bunch, etc.

Below is a brief explanation of some of the unique flavors of the Eh-some fruit juice in well to read through we got you covered.

1. Maple Bliss Juice

The Maple bliss juice recipe of Eh-some fruit juice tastes really good just like the Canadian Maple syrup.

this fruit juice is indeed a great go-to option for maple syrup enthusiasts i.e people who love maple syrup.

2. Prarie Berry Burst

The Prarie Berry burst version of the Eh-some fruit juice is made from blended berry fruits.

3. Boreal Forest Punch

The Boreal Forest punch of Eh-some fruit juice is made from natural extracts obtained from pine, juniper, and forest berries.

4. West Coast Waves

This version of the Eh-some fruit juice is made from a blend of citrus fruits and sea salt.

4. Sunrype

Sunrype is another Canadian Juice brand, this fruit juice is mostly common among residents of western Canada.

However, the Sunrype Juice brand is well-known in Canada for its pure Apple flavored juice.

Sunrype juices are a good go-to option for individuals looking for tasty and healthy fruit juice.

this juice brand has provided Canadians with several unique flavors of juice to choose from since 1946.

Just like other fruit juice in Canada,sunripe juice ingredients are locally sourced from Canadian farms.

patronizing the sunrype Juice brand simply means you are supporting the agriculture sector of Canada and local farmers.

List of The Sunrype Juice Flavour

  • Apple Orange Pearch
  • Sunrype fruit plus
  • Sunrype Pure Apple Juice
  • Tropical Mango Juice

5. Allens Fruit Juice

Allens Fruit Juice

Allens Fruit Juice

Allens Fruit Juice is also among the top Canadian juice,Allen fruit juice company has existed for close to 80 years in Canada.

Allen juice brand currently has its physical location in Quebec Canada, this juice brand is well known in Canada for its apple-flavored juice.

Just like other aforementioned fruit juices in this blog post, Allen Fruit juice contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

List of Flavours of Allen Fruit juice

  • Allen Apple Juice
  • Allen’s Peach Cocktail Drink
  • Allen’s Cranberry Juice
  • Allen’s Strawberry Banana Cocktail

6. Fairlee Apple Juice

The Fairlee Apple Juice is a juice product of the Fairlee canning company,this Canadian juice company was established in the 1900s.

However, the Fairlee Canning company is situated in the apple-growing region of Quebec, Canada.

This Apple fruit juice comes in glass bottles and can be accessed in any store or restaurant in Canada.

7. Del Monte Green Apple Fruit Juice

Del Monte Green Apple Fruit juice is an apple-flavored drink produced by Del Monte Foods.

Del Monte Foods is a Toronto-based food company, this Canadian juice company was established in 2005.

Del Monte Green Apple fruit juice is made from the finest apples obtained locally from Canadian farms.

8. Simply Apple

Simply Apple is an Ontario-based juice brand and a product of the Coca-Cola bottling company.

As the name implies Simply Apple is made from blended Apple, and contains few ingredients that help in complementing the delicious taste.

Simply Apple is free from preservatives, and sugar and contains a considerable amount of potassium.

However, this fruit juice comes in 1.54L,340ml bottles and could be purchased in any top store and Restaurant in Canada.

Canadian Orange Juice Brands

Below is a list of top Orange juice brands In Canada:

  • Allen Orange Juice
  • Sunrype Apple Orange Pearch
  • West Coast Wave(Eh some Fruit Juice)
  • Sunkist Orange Juice
  • Simply Orange

1. Allen Orange Juice

Allen Orange Juice is Another Quebec-based fruit juice, this orange juice is a product of Allen Fruit Juice Company located in Quebec Canada.

2. Sunrype Apple Orange Pearch

Sunrype Apple Orange Pearch is an orange-flavored drink of Sunrype juice company. comes in a 900ml package.

3.West Coast Wave(Eh some Fruit Juice)

West Coast Wave is an orange-flavored drink of Eh-some fruit juice, made from blended orange with sea salt.

4. Sunkist Orange Juice

Sunkist Orange juice is another product of the Sunkist juice brand located in New Brunswick Canada.

this orange fruit juice is made from squashed fresh oranges That are locally sourced from Canadian Farms.

5. Simply Orange

Simply Orange is an Ontario-based juice product, Simply Orange juice is a Juice product under the Coca-Cola bottling company.

Best Juice Brands In Canada

  • Tropicana Fruit Juice
  • Allens Fruit Juice
  • Fairlee Apple Juice
  • Del Monte Green Apple Fruit Juice
  • Simply Apple
  • Cran Apple By Ocean Spray
  • Bolthouse Farms Juice
  • Oasis Fruit Juice
  • Treehouse Apple Juice
  • Greenhouse juice
  • Kiju Organic Juice

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Are Canadian Juices Organic And Pesticide-free?

Yes Canadian Juice are organic meaning they are made from naturally grown

Many Canadian juice brands offer organic options that are free from pesticides. It’s essential to check the product label for specific information.

What Are The Most Popular Juice Flavors In Canada?

  • Orange Juice Flavor
  • Apple Juice Flavor
  • berry-flavored Juice
  • Pineapple Flavored Juice
  • Lemon Flavored Fruit juice

What Are The Healthiest Juice Brands in Canada?

  • Tropicana Fruit Juice
  • Allens Fruit Juice
  • Fairlee Apple Juice
  • Del Monte Green Apple Fruit Juice
  • Simply Apple
  • Cran Apple By Ocean Spray
  • Oasis Fruit Juice
  • Treehouse Apple Juice

Do Canadian Juice Brands Ship Internationally?

Yes, Some Canadian juice brands do offer international shipping to their prospective customers.

For Further clarification, if your preferred fruit juice can be shipped, do well to contact the juice company to know if they are open for shipping options.

Are There Any Seasonal Juice Flavors In Canada?

Yes, some Canadian juice brands offer unique flavors that align with Canada’s changing seasons.

For instance, some fruit juices in Canada are preferable during summer while some juice brands are best consumed during Winter.

Can I Find Canadian Juice Brands In Local Supermarkets?

Yes, you can find many Canadian juice brands in local supermarkets and grocery stores in Canada.


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