Top 10 Most Popular Tasty Drink In Germany

Most Popular Drink In Germany

Hi, Buddy let’s review some of the Most Popular Drink In Germany, sit tight as I show you some of the best beverages that could make your stay in Germany more memorable.

Germany Has a diverse range of drinks that fits every moment or taste, no matter your preferences, the German Beverage industry has something for you.

So if you are a fan of beer we would expose you to several beer recipes that Germans love to drink. e.g Pilsner,Welzenbeer e.t.c.

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Germany is also among the top wine-producing nations of the world, the wine culture in Germany is completely a blend of culture and creativity.

The country is the home of tasty and high-quality wine brands like Riesling, Gewürztraminer,Muller-thugnau, etc.

Germany also has an Interesting coffee culture, coffee in Germany is served alongside cakes in most top Restaurants in The country.

Anxious to Know more about the Most Popular Drink In Germany, do well to read through this resource down to the end.

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What Is Germany’s Famous Drink?

Below are some of the famous drinks in Germany, do well to read through them, we got you covered.

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1. Welzenbeer

Welzenbeer is among the Most Popular Drink In Germany, this drink is a fruit-based German beverage.

This drink is made from juice extract from blended berries obtained from Elder trees.

However, berries obtained from the Elder tree are popularly known as elder berries, more reason why this drink is Known as Welzenbeer which simply means Elderberry juice in English.

Welzenbeer is indeed tasty and nutritious, the drink contains some essential antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

Honestly, a taste of Welzenbeer will sincerely give a feel of the German Culture, for a more refreshing moment do ensure you serve this drink when chilled.

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2. Jagarmiester

Jagarmister is Also among the most famous drinks in Germany, this drink is a popular German Liqueur, owned and distributed by a German Beverage company located in Woffenbuttel, Germany.

Jagarmister is made from close to 56 herbal roots, Herbs, Fruits, and spices selectively picked from different countries of the world.

The taste of this German drink is Slightly bitter, and also sweet with a touch of herbal savor.

However, Jagarmister’s drink is very much enjoyed when chilled and served over ice.

From My experience why staying in Germany, the German Jagarmister is packaged in a Green bottle with a yellow cover or cap.

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3. Pilsner


Pilsner is among the most popular German beers in the world today, this beer has its roots in the city of Pilsner, which was later renamed officially as Czech Republic.

The taste of this German Beer is slightly bitter, Pilsner also has a unique malt taste.

So if you are a great fan of malt drinks, I sincerely advise you to have a sip of this Drink.

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However, the German Pilsner drink is being produced by five German-based Brewery company, with each company offering it’s unique flavor of the Pilsner brand.

Some of the top German-based brewery companies producing this Beer drink are Beck’s Brewery, Kronbacher Brewery, Warsteiner Brewery, Rade Berger Brewery, BitBurger Brewery etc.

4. Riesling

Riesling wine

Riesling is among the famous Wine drink that Germans love, this drink shows the Evolving wine Culture of the German people.

This Wine is known for its unique taste, The German Riesling wine is a grape-flavoured wine drink.

The blended grapefruit used in producing this wine is known as the Riesling grape.

However, the German Riesling grapefruit is locally sourced from farmlands in top regions like Mossel, Rheingau, and Nahe in Germany.

When next you feel like having a taste of pure Wine that reflects the German heritage, Riesling should sincerely be your best go-to wine.

What Are The Top Selling Soft Drinks In Germany?

Below are some of the Top Selling Soft drinks in Germany:

1. Coca-cola

Coca-Cola Classic

Coca-Cola Classic

Coca-Cola which is an International soft drink brand is among the top-selling soft drinks in the German Beverage industry.

2. Club Mate


Club Mate is also among the most purchased soft drinks by Germans, it’s got its roots in Germany.

This soft drink contains Caffeine in its Ingredients and it’s often mostly consumed by individuals between the ages of sixteen(15) to twenty-seven(27).

3. Fanta

Fanta drink

Fanta is also among the top-selling and commonly found soft drinks in Germany.

Germany is a home for top-selling Fanta Flavors like Fanta lemon, Fanta Apple, Fanta Shokata, Fanta pineapple, Fanta Exotic e.t.c

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4. Sinalco


Sinalco is a German-made soft drink, produced and distributed by a German-based beverage company Known as Sinalco International, which is located in Detmold Germany.

Sinalco Soft drink being among the top-selling soft drinks offers interesting Flavors like orange, Cola, lemon, etc.

Most Popular Drink In Germany

Welcome Back! Let’s Explore the Most Popular Drink In Germany, that you could use to satisfy your taste, these soft drinks are also among the most consumed drinks in Germany.

  • Gluhwein
  • Radler
  • Eiscaffee
  • Clubmate
  • Jagarmeister
  • Spezi
  • Fruchtsaftschorle
  • Berliner Weibe
  • Sekt
  • Kiba
  • Holundersaft
  • Malzbier
  • Hugo
  • Karamalz
  • Fassbrause

1. Gluhwein


Gluhwein comes first on our list of the Most Popular Drink In Germany, this German drink is translated as Glowing wine in English.

if you are a fan of red wine, this German wine should indeed be the perfect choice for you.

this drink is among the top-selling beverages in Germany during Festive season like Christmas.

However, Gluhwein is made from red wine, a variety of spices, sugar, and citrus-like orange and lemon.

2. Radler


Radler comes next on the list of the Most Popular Drink In Germany, this beverage is popularly known as Randerlermass in Germany.

This German Beverage is actually a blend of beer and lemonade juice, which results in a lemon-flavored beer drink.

So if you are a beer enthusiast and also a fan of lemon-flavoured juice recipes, this German beverage should indeed satisfy your tastebuds.

Radler was first produced by Frank Kugler in Bavaria, Frank Kugler prepared this drink back then to help satisfy the taste of cyclists who visited his Restaurant during the day.

The name given to this drink “Radler” was derived from the word Cyclist, which is translated as Radler in German.

3. Eiscaffee


This German beverage is specifically for coffee lovers in Germany, despite being a coffee Eiscaffee is quite different from the conventional coffee drink.

Eiscaffee is simply a blend of coffee and ice cream, this beverage has it origin in the southern region of Bavaria.

So if you a fan of both ice cream and coffee, Eiscaffee should sincerely be a perfect choice for you.

Eiscaffee contains black coffee, and ice cream(Any flavor, but it’s best you use vanilla flavor ice cream).

However, to make your Eiscaffee drink more tasty, you could also blend it with chocolate sauce.

Eiscaffee is perfect for warm summer days, when you feel dehydrated or probably after a workout session.

4. Clubmate


Clubmate is among the most popular German soft drinks, this drink was first created in 1924 by Loscher Brewery, a German beverage company located in Munchsteinach.

Clubmate is a caffeinated soft drink made from yerba mate, which is a tea obtained from the processing of leaves from the holly tree in South American Rainforest.

This German soft drink is indeed a perfect choice for individuals who wish to boost their energy.

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5. Jagarmeister

Jagarmeister is also among the Most Popular drink in Germany, this drink comes in a Green bottle.

Jagarmister is a German Liqueur, this drink was first created in Germany in 1934 by two brothers known as Wilhelm and Curt Mast.

As of then Wilnelm and Curt Mast were passionate about creating a tasty herbal liqueur that would provide some health benefits to Germans.

However, Jagarmeister is made from 56 ingredients which include herbs, fruits, spices, roots, and some spices.

This drink has age restriction because it’s actually a liqueur, you however advised to drink responsibly while sipping this drink.

6. Spezi


Spezi was first created in Germany in 1950 by Erwien Klein who was an Ex German soccer player.

Erwien Klein invented Spezi when he decided to mix cola and orange soda together.

This soft drink is quite refreshing and also kinda fruity in taste, it’s could also be used as base juice in preparing cocktails.

Spezi is been packaged and distributed in Cans and glass bottles in Germany, it can be found in most stores, supermarkets, and restaurants in Germany.

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7. Fruchtsaftschorle

Fruchtsaftschorle is German based fruity beverage drink, the name Fruchtsaftschorle simply means Fruit Mixture in German.

This German-based fruit juice is mostly common during warm summer sessions in Germany.

Fruchtsaftschorle comes in several fruity flavors, like apple, orange, cherry, lemon, etc.

However, Fruchtsaftschorle is quite nutritious and it’s indeed a healthier alternative to sugary sodas.

This drink is good for kids and adults, there are no age restrictions regarding the consumption of this fruit juice.

Germans so much love Fruchtsaftschorle drink that it’s almost found in all restaurants, and café in Germany.

8. Berliner Weibe


Berliner Weibe comes next on our list of the Most Popular Drink In Germany, it’s also among the most consumed drinks in germany.

Berliner Weibe is actually a beer, which reflects the culture and tradition of Germans.

However, Berliner Weibe is a Berlin-based beer, it’s been brewed with wheat through a fermentation process.

From Experience, Berliner Weibe has a sour taste due to the production process which involves fermentation.

However, due to the sour taste of this beer, it’s advisable you add flavored syrup like raspberry to your beer.

9. Sekt


Sekt is a sparkling wine that represents the thriving wine culture in Germany.

Sekt is actually the German version of sparkling wine, just like the famous Champagne produced in France.

This German wine is made from fresh hand-picked grape fruit, Riesling, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Blanc.

However, the production of the German Sekt involves a two(2) step verification, just kinda of similar to the process involved when preparing Champagne.

For a more refreshing moment do well to serve German Sekt over ice, Sekt is also best enjoyed when coupled with food, most especially seafood.

10. Kiba


Kiba is a refreshing German beverage drink, the name Kiba given to this drink is simply an acronym of Kirsch Banane, which simply means cherry Banana when translated into English.

However, the taste of this soft drink is actually a blend of cherry and banana flavors.

The German Kiba Beverage is made from cherry syrup, Banana Nectar, sparkling water, and ice.

In Germany, Kiba is a popular non-alcoholic beverage, among children and young adults who are fans of fruity Beverages,it’s actually a refreshing alternative to sodas.

Kiba is among the top-selling drinks at most German cafes, stores, and restaurants.

Kiba is also a popular drink at most German parties and events because it’s not only delicious but also physically attractive.

So when next you are in Germany and want to order a drink at any German-based restaurant or store, do well to have a sip of a glass of Kiba.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What Is The Most Popular Drink In Germany?

The most popular drink in Germany is beer, known for its rich history and wide variety.

Can I Find Traditional German Drinks Outside of Germany?

Yes, traditional German drinks, such as beer and coffee, can often be found in other countries of the world.

What Are The Most Popular Drinks in Germany?

  • Gluhwein
  • Radler
  • Eiscaffee
  • Clubmate
  • Jagarmeister
  • Spezi
  • Fruchtsaftschorle
  • Berliner Weibe
  • Sekt
  • Kiba
  • Holundersaft
  • Malzbier
  • Hugo
  • Karamalz
  • Fassbrause

Are There Any Specific Customs Related To Drinking In Germany?

Yes, there are customs related to drinking in Germany, such as raising your glass and making eye contact when toasting.

What Are Some Other German Drinks Worth Trying?

Apart from beer and coffee, you should try “Schorle,” a mixture of mineral water and fruit juices, and “Apfelsaftschorle,” which is an apple juice mixed with mineral water.

What Drink Is Germany Famous For?

Germany is famous worldwide for its remarkable wine and beer recipes, the country is among the leading producers of wine and beer in the world.

The country has been in the business of brewing beer for so long,some of the popular German-based beers are Weizenbier, Kolsch, etc.

Germany is also well-known worldwide for its quality wine drinks like Riesling, Sekt, etc., which are been exported to other nations.

How can I attend Oktoberfest in Germany?

To attend Oktoberfest in Germany, you are advised to plan your visit during the festival’s dates,

The Festival dates are usually in September and October, and be sure to make reservations for accommodations in advance.


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