10 Most Popular Soft Drinks In Canada Today

Most Popular Soft Drinks In Canada
Most Popular Soft Drinks In Canada

Do you want To Get a Feel of the Most Popular Soft Drinks In Canada? if yes this Article will serve your interest.

We would Explore several top Canadian soft drinks that are tasty and refreshing.

Honestly, The delicious taste of these Canadain Soft drinks will indeed give you a refreshing experience, enough to satisfy your tastebuds.

You could consume these soft drinks alongside your meals, it’s pleasurable to consume these soft drinks as you eat.

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these Canadian soft drinks are good recipes for quenching thirst during meals, they are also essential for digestion during meals.

The Most Popular Soft Drinks In Canada mentioned in this blogpost could be used to satisfy your hydration needs because it contains an enormous amount of water.

Soft drinks are quite more tasty and refreshing when compared to water, this is why some persons prefer using soft drinks in quenching their taste.

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Although it’s necessary and advisable you consume a considerable amount of water per day aside from taking soft drinks.

Sincerely soft drinks are free from Alcohol, and some of these soft drinks are quite nutritious.

Most Especially Soft drinks like fruit juice are quite healthy, this is because they contain Natural liquid extracts from fruit.

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Although there are several Soft drinks in Canada that contain Carbonated water and Artificial Flavour in its ingredient.

However Soft drinks made from Artificial flavors should not be consumed excessively.

For more nutritional benefits, I strongly suggest you consume more of soft drinks made from natural flavors or constituents.

The Canadian Soft drink industry has witnessed a great spike recently, providing residents with several varieties of drinks ranging from fruit juice, dairy drinks, smoothies, and sodas.

Also, there are several soft drinks in Canada with low calories which are good for maintaining and controlling weight.

Take for instance soft drinks like 7up, sprite contains low amounts of Calories, such Beverages are preferable for persons with Obesity.

Interested in Knowing More About the Most Popular Soft Drinks In Canada, we got you covered, do well to read through.

Before Moving Further we would love to show you some of the best drinks for Menopause.


What soft drink brands are in Canada?

1. Pepsi Canada

Pepsi Canada is among the top beverage company in Canada, they have several varieties of soft drinks.

Which includes Pepsi Zero Sugar, Pepsi Wild Cherry, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Real Lime, Tropicana, etc.

However, Pepsi Canada also has several flavored soft drinks that are Caffeine free e.g. Caffeine free diet Pepsi, Caffeine free Pepsi, etc.


2. Coca-cola Canada

Coca-Cola Canada is one of the oldest and also among the best beverage company in Canada.

Coca-cola Canada has several varieties of soft drinks for you to choose from, and we would mention some in this blog post.

Some of the soft drinks owned by Coca-Cola Canada are Diet Coke, Coca-cola Zero Sugar, Coca-cola Classic Vanilla, Frozen Coca-cola Classic, etc.


3. Sprite Canada

Sprite is also among the top-performing soft drink brands in Canada, though Sprite is a subsidiary wing company under Coca-cola Canada.

However, there are several flavors of Sprite in Canada, take for instance we have Sprite Zero, Sprite Cherry, Sprite Lemonade Legacy, Sprite Tropical, etc.

4. Canada Dry

Canada Dry has several beverage drinks that are among the Most Popular Soft Drinks In Canada.

Some of the top soft drinks flavors Produced by Canada Dry are Cranberry Chill, Ginger Ale, Bold Ginger Ale, Ginger Ale, Lemonade, Green Tea Ginger Ale, etc.


5. Crush Soda Canada

Crush Soda is also among the top performers in Canada’s Soft drink industry, well known for its variety of fruits-based soda drinks.

Crush Soda Canada has several delicious fruit sodas to help satisfy your tastebuds.

Some of the major flavors offered by crush soda are Crush Orange, Crush Strawberry, Crush Pineapple, Crush Zero-sugar Orange, Crush Peach, Crush Grape e.t.c


How Big Is The Soft Drink Market In Canada?

Based on Research the Canadian soft drink industry is among the top 20 biggest soft drink Market in the world.

Canada’s Soft drink market generated close to $15bn in the year 2023, ranking eleventh(11) in the world.

However, USA Soft drink takes the lead with about $328bn generated Revenue in 2023.

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Does Canada have Coke products?

Yes, Coca-Cola Canada has several Coke-flavored drinks for you to choose from.

Examples of Coke Products Sold In Canada are:

  • Coca-Cola Classic vannila
  • Zero Sugar Coke
  • Diet Coke
  • Coca-cola Cherry
  • Cocacola Coffee

What soft drink has the most sales?

The soft drink with the highest amount of sales in Canada is Coca-cola,coca-cola is popularly known as Coke in Canada.

Coke is sold in most stores, bars, and restaurants in different cities in Canada.

Most Popular Soft Drinks In Canada

Welcome Back!, below is a comprehensive list showing all the top soft drinks in Canada. Carefully go through.

  • Coca-Cola Zero Sugar
  • Pepsi Zero Sugar
  • Crush Strawberry Soda
  • Diet Pepsi Lime
  • Crush Pineapple
  • Fresca Sparkling Soda Water Beverage(Peach Citrus)
  • Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale
  • Mountain Dew
  • Five Alive
  • Barqs Root Beer

1. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

The Coca-cola Zero Sugar beverage has no calories and is also free from sugar, it’s indeed the right soft drink for individuals having Obesity.

With Coca-cola Zero Sugar, you can Enjoy the refreshing taste of Coca-cola without fears of excess sugars and Calories.

If you sincerely wish to control and maintain your weight,i suggest add the Coca-cola Zero Sugar to your diet.

2. Pepsi Zero Sugar

Pepsi Zero Sugar

Pepsi Zero Sugar

Pepsi Zero Sugar is also among the Most Popular Soft Drinks In Canada,this Beverage is among the top soft drinks produced by Pepsico Canada.

Just like The Coca-cola Zero sugar pepsi Zero Sugar has no sugar,and it contains Zero Calories.

This Canadian Soft drink is a great go-to option for fans of Pepsi who wish to maintain or control their weight.

Feel to Enjoy your Pepsi Zero Sugar drink with your family and friends with no worries of Excess sugar and calories.

The Pepsi Zero sugar beverage is quite Affordable and is being sold in most stores, restaurants, and bars in Canada.

However the Pepsi Zero sugar soft Drink comes in various Package Sizes, the 355ml size comes in 12 packs, and the 222ml comes in six(6) packs.

Whereas there are also some designated Family package sizes of Pepsi Zero sugar, they are the 591ml,710ml, and also 2L packs.

3. Crush Strawberry Soda

Crush Strawberry Soda

Crush Strawberry Soda

The Crush Strawberry Soda is a carbonated strawberry-flavored soft drink produced by Crush Soda In Canada.

This Canadian Soft drink contains excessive Calories around 290 calories per serving, it also contains added sugar.

Crush Strawbery Soda is indeed a great go-to option for individuals interested in gaining weight, due to the enormous amount of Calories it contains.

For a more soothing and refreshing experience, the Crush Soda drink is best served when chilled.

4. Diet Pepsi Lime

Diet Pepsi Lime

Diet Pepsi Lime

Diet Pepsi Lime is another outstanding product from Pepsico Canada, it is always in 355ml size and comes in 12 packs

Diet Pepsi Lime is also free from calories and sugar, a good beverage for individuals with obesity.

Obesity means the Diet Pepsi Lime is a better beverage for individuals with excess weight gain.

However, the Diet Pepsi Lime provides you with a refreshing Taste of Pepsi and lime.

5. Crush Pineapple

Crush Pineapple soda

Crush Pineapple soda

Crush Pineapple is another carbonated soft drink produced by Crush Soda, this beverage is a pineapple Flavored Soft drink.

Crush Pinneaple also contains Excess Calories, the number of calories in Crush Pineapple should be around 320 per serving.

This Canadian Soft drink is indeed good for weight gain, although it should not be consumed excessively.

Individuals interested in improving their weight should drink this beverage alongside their meal, most Especially during Breakfast.

6. Fresca Sparkling Soda Water Beverage(Peach Citrus)

Next on our list of Most Popular Soft Drinks In Canada is the Fresca Sparkling Soda Water Beverage drink.

Honestly, this beverage is quite healthy compared to other carbonated soft drinks.

The Fresca Sparking soda Water Beverage Drink contains zero calorie,has natural fruit flavours and it’s unsweetened.

7.Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale

Canada Dry Cranberry Chill is non-alcoholic cocktail drink made from natural liquid extracts from the Cranberry fruit and Ginger.

The Canadian Dry Cranberry dry ginger Ale was first made in 1904,this beverage was discovered by john.j MC.laughling.

This Soft drink tastes more like natural ginger,with a blend of the cranberry fruits.

For better satisfaction of the Casnada Dey Cranberry Ginger Alex do well to drink when chilled.

8.Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew is also among the top Canadian Soft drinks,the mountain dew brand is also another subsidiary wing under Pepsico Canada.

The Mountain Dew brand has several Varirties of drinks for you choose from as you enjoy your stay in Canada.

However the first mountain dew drink was first made in Canada in 1964,the brand started with the citrus flavoured recipe of Mountain Dew before Embarking on other Flavours.

Furthermore the Mountain Dew soft drink is mostly common among the younger Generations in Canada.

Some Of the top flavours of Mountain Dew in Canada are:

  • Mountain Zero Sugar
  • Mountain Dew Energy
  • Mountain Dew Baja Blast
  • Mountain Dew Citrus Flavour
  • Mountain Dew Summer
  • Mountain Dew Kickstart

For more Information on the varieties of drinks offered by the Mountain Dew brand do well to Click Here

9.Five Alive

Five Alive is a Citrus Flavoured Fruit juice,also ranks among the Most Popular Soft Drinks In Canada.

Five Alive is also a sub-brand Under Coca-cola Canada,this means it’s owned and produced under Coca-cola Canada.

This drink was named “Five Alive”,because it contains five fruit flavours,added together to produce a delicious and refreshing citrus Taste.

Also The Five Alive Fruits juice contains a considerable amount of calories,there are about 120 calories per serving in Every Five Alive juice in Canada.

However the Five Alive Fruit juice doesn’t contain Carbonated water,and it’s quite nutritious compared to other Carbonated soft drinks.

The Five Alive fruit Juice is a rich source of Vitamin C,which is an essential vitamin for growth and the repair of worn-out tissues in the body.

Below are some of the Top Flavours of the Five Alive Drink in Canada:

  • Five Alive Mango Citrus
  • Five Alive Pearch Citrus
  • Five Alive Tropical Citrus
  • Five Alive Berry Citrus

10.Barqs Root Beer

The Barqs Root Beer Comes last on our list of the Most Popular Soft Drinks In Canada.

Barqs Root Beer is soda drink made from natural extracts gotten from cane sugar,it was first produced in 1848.

However The Barqs Root Beer is also among the top soft drinks produced under the license of Coca-cola Canada.

This Canadian Soft Drink is package in a 355ml bottle,it contains a considerable amount of caffeine around 34mg per bottle.

For better satisfaction when consuming this beverage it’s best you make it chilled i.e ice-cold.

Popular Soft Drinks In Canada

  • Coca-Cola Zero Sugar
  • Fanta Orange
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Nestea Lemon Iced Tea
  • Pepsi Zero Sugar
  • Crush Strawberry Soda
  • Diet Pepsi Lime
  • Schwepps Ginger Ale
  • Crush Pineapple
  • Simply Orange
  • Fresca Sparkling Soda Water Beverage(Peach Citrus)
  • Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale
  • Mountain Dew
  • Barqs Cherry Bite
  • Five Alive
  • Barqs Root Beer
  • Canada Dry Ginger Ale
  • Fanta Grape
  • Sprite Zero
  • Crush Grapefruit
  • Barqs Spiced Cherry

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Is Coke or Pepsi More Popular In Canada?

The major soft drink brand dominating the Canadian Soft drink Market is Coke,followed by Pepsi.

Honestly the coca-cola brand has indeed dominated the Canadian market,Coke is currently the most sold soft drink in Canada.

What Is The World’s Most Popular Soft Drink?

  • Coca-cola
  • Pepsi
  • Fanta
  • Sprite
  • Seven-up(7up)

Is Pepsi Better Than Coke?

The two soft drinks(Coke and Pepsi) are closely of the same constituents,just a slight difference in their ingredients.

Although Coke looks a little bit better than Pepsi,due to few of qualities it possess.

However the slight qualities or edge coke has over pepsi is not enough to tag it more better than Pepsi.

In conclusion the two soft drinks are quite good and okay,none should be tag better than the other.


We hope you were blessed reading this Article,feel free to order for any of the mentioned soft drinks in this blogpost when celebrating with your family and friends.

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