10 Best Soft Drinks In Germany Today

Soft Drinks In Germany
Soft Drinks In Germany

Let’s Explore some of the best Soft Drinks In Germany, sit tight as I show you the best German Beverages you could use in satisfying your tastebuds.

The German Soft drink industry has consistently witnessed huge patronage from German residents.

Germans are great consumers of Soft drinks, and soft drinks are part of thier daily diet routine.

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For instance, soft drinks like fritz-kola, Club Mate,spezi, and Bionade are popular among most communities in Germany.

Germany’s soft drink industry also offers several exotic flavors like Ginger-Ale soda,lemon-lime soda, Cranberry soda, ginger beer e.t.c

So no matter your taste and preferences, the German Soft drink industry has something for you.

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However, one thing that distinguishes German-based soft drinks from others is their low-sugar and sugar-free nature.

Sincerely most traditional soft drink brands in Germany have less amount of sugar in their constituents, they are indeed a perfect choice for individuals who are indeed conscious about their sugar level.

Take for instance soft drinks like Fritz cola and Bionade contain less amount of sugar and also contain some natural and organic ingredients.

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So Beyond Quenching the thirst or satisfying your tastebuds the Soft Drinks In Germany reflects the country’s culture and lifestyle.

From experience, most traditional beverages in Germany are mostly sold during festive seasons in Germany.

For more information on the best Soft Drinks In Germany,do well to read through this blog post carefully.

However, before moving further get to see the top 10 best juice brands in the world Today.

What Is The Famous German Soft Drink?

From Experience, the most famous soft drink in Germany is Club-mate,a carbonated soft drink.

Clubmate Soft drink is beverage product of Geola Beverages Diehotenfem,it was first manufactured in 1994.

However, this soft drink also contains a considerable amount of caffeine in its ingredients, each container of the clubmate drink has close to twenty(20) grams to twenty-five(25)grams of Caffeine.

You could either drink your tasty Clubmate drink alone or probably use it as a base drink when preparing your favorite cocktail.

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Do They Sell Coke In Germany?

Yes, Coke is widely sold in Germany, coke is actually among the most popular soft drinks in Germany.

However, in Germany, several flavors of Coke are been sold, including regular Coke, Diet Coke, Zero Cola, etc.

What Is The German Cola Brand?

Germany’s major Cola brand is Afri-Cola, Afri cola is currently the most popular Cola drink in Germany.

This Cola brand is a product of Mineralbrunel Uberkingen- Teinach AG, it was first produced in Germany in 1931.

Soft Drinks In Germany

Below is the list of Soft Drinks In Germany, do well to read through we got you covered.

  • Club-mate
  • fritz-Cola
  • spezi
  • Afri Cola
  • Bionade
  • Vita Cola
  • Meezo Mix
  • Ahoj Brause Soft Drink
  • Almduller
  • Vita Malt

1. Club-mate

Club-mate comes first on our list of the best Soft Drinks In Germany, Club-mate is currently the most popular soft drink in Germany.

This Drink reflects Germany’s rich culture to the world, Club-mate is currently been exported to other countries of the world like the United Kingdom, Canada, USA e.t.c.

However, this Beverage drink has a slightly bitter taste, the major ingredients used in preparing this Beverage are South American mate Tea leaves, sugar, water, and a considerable amount of Citric acid.

Clubmate also has an adequate amount of Caffiene In it’s content, for every bottle of Club-mate there are always twenty(20) to twenty-five (25) grams of Caffiene.

However, this Beverage is a product of Brauerei Loscher GmbH & Co. KG, this German-based bottling company is also known as Loscher Brewery.

Flavors of Club-mate Soft drink

  • Club-mate Cola
  • Club-mate Winter
  • Club-mate Granat
  • Club-mate Original

2. Fritz-Cola

Fritz cola

Fritz cola

Fritz Cola offers you the taste of Real cola, this soft drink is a product of Fritz Kulturguter Gmbh.

Fritz Kulturguter Gmbh is a German-based beverage company located in Hamburg Germany.

This German-based Cola drink was first created in 2002, this cola drink is quite more nutritious than the conventional coke drink.

Fritz Cola is made from 100% natural ingredients in it has no artificial Additives in its ingredients.

However, Fritz Cola is distributed and packaged in a bottle, due to how nutritious this Drink is, it is been exported to other countries of the world beyond Germany.

Fritz cola comes in Several flavours which are mentioned below:

Flavors of Fritz-cola

  • Fritz Cola Ginger Ale
  • Fritz Cola Lemonade
  • Fritz Cola Melon

3. Spezi



Spezi comes next on the list of Soft Drinks In Germany,this German soda is simply a blend of orange soda and cola together.

Honestly, Spezi is an Equal mix of orange soda and Cola altogether, this Drink has no sugar and good choice for individuals conscious about their blood sugar level.

Spezi is a beverage product of Brahaus Riegele a German-based beverage company located at Augsburg in Germany.

4. Afri Cola

Afri Cola

Afri Cola

Afri Cola is currently the most popular German-based cola in Germany Presently, it was first produced in 1831.

Afri Cola is a product of Mineral Brunnel Uberkingen-Tainach AG Company a German Bassed bottling company.

Honestly, Afri Cola comes in different options, there is the sugar-free and low-calorie Afri Cola drink option.

Afri Cola is a carbonated soft drink, it contains an adequate amount of Caffeine per bottle(a minimum of 25g of caffeine per bottle).

Some other ingredients used in producing the Afri Cola brand are sugar, phosphoric Acid, Citric Acid, sodium Citrate, cola extract, etc.

5. Bionade



if you are health-conscious and need a refreshing beverage, I strongly suggest you try out the German Bionade drink.

Honestly, this soft drink is not your regular soft drink, the delicious Bionade drink is purely made from natural ingredients.

This German soft drink has no artificial ingredients in it, even the sweetener used to improve the taste of this soft drink is obtained from malted barley.

Bionade being among the best Soft Drinks In Germany was first produced in 1995 by Dieter Liptold.

The German Bionade drink is made from sugar, water, malted barley, citric acid, Yeast, and some natural flavors.

Bionade soft drink is a rich source of vitamin C also known as Ascorbic acid, the drink also contains some other antioxidants that maintain and improve the immune system.

Sincerely German Bionade soft is are preferable than conventional soft drinks like Coke, Pepsi, Fanta, etc.

However, the German Bionade beverage comes in several flavors which are Ginger orange, Elderberry, Blackcurrant flavor, Apple-Ginger etc.

6. Vita Cola

Vita Cola

Vita Cola

Vita Cola is an Indigenous Cola flavored soft drink from Germany, it’s the Second most popular Cola drink in Germany After Afri Cola.

The Vita Cola recipe is mostly consumed by individuals who reside in the Eastern region of the Country.

However, the vita Cola drink is a product of Vita Cola GmbH a German beverage company under the Hassia Group of Companies.

The Vita Cola brand was first produced in Germany in 1957 in the eastern part of the country.

This Cola drink has several flavors, take for instance it has a Vita Cola mix flavor which is a blend of Cola and fruit extracts.

Below is a comprehensive list of some of the flavors of the Vita Cola Brand.

Flavors of the Vita Cola Brand

  • Vita Cola Mix-a blend of cola with several other fruity flavors
  • Vita cola Original-Vita cola Original is purely cola, no added flavor
  • Vita Cola Orange-a blend of cola and orange juice
  • Vita Cola Lemon-a blend of cola and lemon juice
  • Vita Cola Zuckerfrei-this recipe has no added sugar, it is completely sugar-free.

7. Meezo Mix

Meezo Mix

Meezo Mix

Meezo Mix is another interesting German Drink, this German Soft drink is a product Coca-Cola Company.

The German Meezo Mix soft drink was first introduced in the western region of the country in 1973.

surprisingly the German Meezo Mix soft drink comes in several flavors, providing German residents with several options of drinks to choose from.

for example, the Meezo Mix soft drink brand offers flavors like Cola-orange which is a blend of cola and orange juice together.

Also, the Meezo Mix drink also has a sugar-free drink with fewer calories which is a perfect choice for individuals who are conscious about their sugar level.

Beyond Germany, The Meezo Mix soft drink brand has extended its reach to top countries like Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, etc.

8.Ahoj Brause Soft Drink

Ahoj Brause Soft Drink

Ahoj Brause Soft Drink

Ahoj Brause is another tasty soft drink, this drink is a product of Mathes and Weber A German-based Beverage company.

This German-based soft drink originated in the City of Berlin In Germany, Ahoj Brause’s drink comes in several unique fruity flavors.

Ahoj Brause offers several flavors like orange, raspberry, Apple, lemon, woodruff, etc.

Ahoj Brause soft drinks are been sold and distributed in Germany in a single sachet powder, although this drink is also packaged in Can.

To Enjoy your tasty Ahoj Brause soft drink, pour the powdered content into any Empty cup, add water, and mix the content by stirring thoroughly.

Honestly, Ahoj Brause soft drink provides you the opportunity to prepare your beverage drink from the comfort of your home.

So, when next you feel like having a taste of a beverage that’s not only tasty but also fruity, I suggest you try out Ahoj Brause.

9. Almduller

Almduller is also a German-based soft drink, this soft drink brand is a beverage product from Sinaico Group of Companies.

this soft drink originated in Austria and it reflects Austrian Culture and tradition, it’s actually a blend of several herbs with some natural ingredients.

Despite being an Austria-based drink, Almduller has gained immense popularity in most German Cities and states.

From Experience Almduller is mostly sold in top stores, restaurants, and supermarkets in Germany.

However, the Almduller soft drink brand is sold and distributed Bottles in several flavors.

10.Vita Malt

For lovers of Malt, this German-based soft drink should indeed be a perfect choice for you.

Vita Malt comes last on our list of Soft Drinks In Germany, Vita malt is manufactured by G. Kasselmann Gmbh.

G. Kasselmann Gmbh is a beverage company that specializes in producing non-alcoholic drinks in Germany.

Vita Malt is made from malt extracts, water, sugar, and some artificial flavors, it’s best enjoyed when chilled.

Individuals who often engage in workout sessions should consume vita malt adequately to help replenish their lost energy.

However, Vita malt is being sold and distributed in Cans and Bottles, it’s mostly sold in restaurants and supermarkets in Germany.

Beyond Germany, Vita malt is also sold in Several Grocery stores located in some countries. To learn more about the German Vita malt click here

Best Soft Drinks In Germany

  • Club-mate
  • fritz-Cola
  • spezi
  • Afri Cola
  • Bionade
  • Vita Cola
  • Meezo Mix

Most Popular Soft Drink In Germany

Below is the list of the most popular soft drinks in Germany Currently, read through.

  • Coca-cola
  • Spezie
  • Bionade
  • Sinalco
  • Fanta

1. Coca-cola

Coca-Cola is among the most popular cola brands in Germany, although there are several indigenous cola brands in Germany e.g. Afri Cola, Fritz Cola

2. Spezi

This German-based soft drink is actually a blend of orange soda with cola extracts,spezi is mostly popular among the Bavarians in Germany i.e Bavaria region.

3. Bionade

Bionade is also among the most popular soft drinks in Germany, it has several fruity flavors you could choose from depending on your taste.

Bionade drink is mostly common in the southern region of the country, most especially in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg.

4. Sinalco

Sinalco is also among the most popular soft drinks in Germany, this drink was first produced in 1902 by Fredrick Eduard Bilz.

Sinalco has several varieties of soft drinks ranging from it’s carbonated soft drinks to it’s fruity flavored drinks.

5. Fanta

Fanta is also among the most popular soft drinks in Germany, it’s been distributed and sold in cans and bottles.

For more detailed information on how popular Fanta is in Germany Click Here


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What Is Soft Drinks in German?

Soft drinks in the German Language is translated as Akohofrei Getranke or Erfrischungsgetränke.

Are Soft Drinks Popular In Germany?

Yes, soft drinks are popular in Germany, ranging from carbonated soft drinks to fruity drinks made from fruit extracts.

What Is The Most Famous Traditional German Soft Drink?

  • Fritz Cola Ginger Ale
  • Fritz Cola Lemonade
  • spezi
  • Afri Cola
  • Bionade

What Is The Future Of Soft Drinks In Germany?

The Future of soft drinks in Germany is moving towards creating more healthy recipes of soft drinks for individuals who are health conscious.

Thereby making sure drinks produced are tasty and nutritious, satisfying the tastebuds and also providing the body with essential nutrients.


We believe our list of German Soft drinks was helpful, when you visit any Supermarket, store, or restaurant in Germany do well to order any of the listed drinks mentioned in this blogpost.

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