12 Popular Soft Drinks In Ireland Today

Soft Drinks In Ireland

Let’s get to see the best Soft Drinks In Ireland, Ireland has numerous soft drinks you could use to quench your taste and also satisfy your tastebuds.

The country’s soft drink industry offers several versions of beverages, From classic sodas,fruit juice, to carbonated drinks.

All of which are geared towards satisfying the tastes and preferences of Irish people.

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The Irish soft drink Industry has several iconic brands that have consistently served the Irish people with several flavors of soft drinks for decades.

Take for instance indigenous brands like Club Orange, Midiwadi, and Rock-shandy have earned a good spot in the hearts of Irish people.

However international brands like Coca-Cola,Pepsi, and Fanta are also common and mostly consumed in major cities in Ireland.

One interesting feature that distinguishes the local soft drinks brands in Ireland from the international brands is the Unique Flavors they offer.

Most Indegenous Soft Drinks In Ireland offer unique flavors like red lemonade, blackcurrant, and also the popular Ginger Ale flavor etc.

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Also, most Irish-based soft drink brands offer several beverage options that are healthy and could be consumed by individuals who are conscious of their health.

So if you are a fan of soft drinks and interested in beverages that will be of immense benefit to your health while also satisfying your taste.

The Irish soft drink industry has something for you, do well to read through this blogpost for further clarity on the best Soft Drinks In Ireland.

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What Is The Most Popular Soft Drink In Ireland?

From experience, the Coca-Cola brand and Club Orange are the most popular Soft Drinks In Ireland.

Although We have some other popular Irish-based soft drink brands like MidiWadi, Rock-shandy, and Panda Pops.

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What Are Soft Drinks Called In Ireland?

In Ireland, all soft drinks are popularly known as Minerals and sometimes soft drinks are also called Fizzy drinks in Ireland.

Is Sprite Sold In Ireland?

Yes, sprite is a popular carbonated soft drink in Ireland, this soft drink is known for its lemon-lime flavor drink.

Sprite is sold in several sizes and packages i.e in cans and bottles in Ireland and could be purchased at any top grocery store, supermarkets, and restaurants in Ireland.

Soft Drinks In Ireland

Welcome Back! below is a comprehensive list of top soft drinks brands In Ireland, do well to read Through Carefully we got you covered.

  • Club Orange
  • Panda Pops
  • Mooju
  • Red Lemonade
  • Ribena
  • Tanora
  • Fanta
  • Miwadi
  • Tk Red Lemonade
  • Vimto
  • Barr’s Irn-Bru
  • Club Lemon

1. Club Orange

club orange

The tasty club orange drink comes first on our list of the best Soft Drinks In Ireland.

Club Orange is an orange-flavored carbonated soft drink, this Irish soft drink was first produced in Ireland by Cantrell and Cochrane.

Later on, the license and ownership for this soft drink were later sold to Britvic Ireland, who is now the current owner and producer of Club Orange.

However, Club Orange is packaged and sold in glass bottles and can be bought at any grocery store, restaurant, or supermarket in Ireland.

The Irish Club orange soft drink is made from Carbonated water, orange juice, citric Acid, Artificial coloring, and Natural and Artificial flavors.

So if you are a great fan of orange juice, Club Orange will indeed be a perfect choice for you.

2. Panda Pops

Panda Pops

Panda Pops is another tasty Irish soft drink, this soft drink comes in several flavors like classic cola, lemonade flavor, cherry, strawberry, etc.

However Panda Pop soft drink brand is a product of C&C group an Irish based Beverage Company.

Panda Pops is packaged and sold in plastic bottles all around Ireland, it is best consumed when chilled.

Flavors of Panda Pops

  • Panda Pops Raspberry Flavor
  • Panda Pops Strawberry Flavor
  • Panda Pops Orange Flavor
  • Panda Pops Cherry Flavor
  • Panda Pops Cola Flavor
  • Panda Pops Apple Flavor

3. Mooju

Mooju Drink

Mooju comes next on our list of top Soft Drinks In Ireland, this soft drink brand reflects the Irish culture.

Mooju soft drink is a product of Glanbia Ireland,an Irish based company that specializes in producing milky beverages.

If you are a fan of milk,this soft drink brand should indeed be a perfect choice for you.

Mooju Soft drink is made from locally sourced milk obtained from Irish farms.

The Mooju Soft drink brand offers several unique flavors like chocolate, strawberry, banana, etc.

However you could either drink your Tasty and Nutritious mooju drink alone or probably mix it with your morning cereal.

Also due the milk content in Mooju,it could also be used as your base milk when preparing your Smoothies or milksjhakes.

Flavors Of Mooju Soft Drink

  • Vanilla Mooju drink
  • Strawberry Mooju drink
  • Chocolate Mooju drink
  • Banana Mooju drink
  • Mint Mooju drink

4. Red Lemonade

Red Lemonade drink

The Red Lemonade is another outstanding product from Britvic Ireland, an Irish-based beverage company.

The Red Lemonade soft drink has a tangy sweet flavor, it’s cherished in Ireland most especially common among the locals in Ireland.

This Irish soft drink is made from carbonated water, lemon, sugar, and natural flavors.

However, The Red Lemonade soft drink could also be used as a based juice when preparing Cocktails or mocktails.

5. Ribena


Ribena Is also among the most cherished Soft Drinks In Ireland, this soft drink is both tasty and Nutritious.

Ribena contains some essential Antioxidants that helps in preventing the body cells from Oxidative damage.

Ribena is a fruity-flavoured drink, popularly known for it’s blackcurrant flavor juice.

Although Ribena currently has several unique fruity flavors like strawberry, Raspberry, Apple, etc..

Honestly, Ribena is preferable to most carbonated soft drinks, it’s indeed a perfect soft drink for individuals who are health conscious.

You could actually enjoy your tasty Ribena Fruit juice during picnics, lunch, or probably during breakfast.

6. Tanora

Tanora drink

Tanora is an Irish Carbonated soft drink, it’s also among the most cherished Soft Drinks In Ireland.

A sip of The Tanora drink will give you a taste of the history, culture, and tradition of the Irish people.

Tanora soft drink is a beverage product of Cleev’s an Irish-based Beverage Company.

This Irish soft drink tastes really good like the combination of orange, Tangerine, and lemon all together.

However, Tanora soft drink is best enjoyed when served over ice and is indeed perfect for quenching your taste during hot weather.

7. Fanta

Fanta drink

Fanta is an International brand, it’s actually a product of Coca-Cola beverage company.

However, the Irish-based Fanta drink has some unique flavors like Fanta lemon, Fanta Grape, Fanta fruit Twist, Fanta exotic, etc.

Irrespective of the flavor, Fanta contains carbonated water, Fructose corn syrup, citric acid, and some natural flavors.

Fanta is been packaged and sold in glass bottles, plastic bottles, and cans, it’s been sold in most cafes, stores, and supermarkets in Ireland.

This soft drink is cherished and loved by the Irish people and is mostly consumed during celebrations or picnics in Ireland.

Flavors of Fanta In Ireland

  • Fanta orange
  • Fanta Lemon
  • Fanta Mango
  • Fanta Apple
  • Fanta Lemon Zero sugar
  • Fanta Grape Zero Sugar
  • Fanta Raspberry Zero sugar.

8. Miwadi

Miwadi orange juice

Miwadi is also an Irish-based soft drink, it was initially produced by an Irish-based company known as Cleev’s.

But currently, the Irish-based Miwadi drink has changed ownership, it’s currently being produced by Britvic Ireland.

Miwadi offers several unique fruity flavors to help suit the tastes and preferences of Ireland residents.

from its orange-flavored drink to its lemon-flavored recipe, there are also some un-popular flavors like blackcurrant,strawberry, Raspberry,pink-grapefruit, etc.

9. Tk Red Lemonade

Tk Red Lemonade

Tk Red Lemonade drink comes next on our list of top Irish-based soft drinks, it’s a tangy-lemon flavored drink.

the taste of this soft drink is regarded as tangy lemon because it combines the taste of tangerine with lemon altogether.

However, Tk Red Lemonade drink is another beverage product of Britvic Ireland, a fast-rising beverage company in Ireland.

Tk Red Lemonade Drink contains carbonated water, sugar, lemon flavor, and red coloring.

10. Vimto

Vimto Juice

Vimto is a fruity-flavored soft drink, comes in several unique flavors like mango, orange, Raspberries, Cherry, etc.

This Irish-based fruit juice is a beverage product of Vimto Juice Company a UK-based beverage company.

You can however enjoy your tasty Vimto juice as a stand-alone drink or probably mix it with your cocktails,Mocktails, or Smoothies.

For a more refreshing Experience, do ensure you serve your Vimto soft drink over ice.

11. Irn-Bru


Irn-Bru is a Scotland-based drink, though mostly common among residents of Northern Ireland.

This Soft drink is produced by a Scotland-based company Known as A.G.Barr & Company, a Scotland beverage company located in Glasglow.

Irn-Bru Drink also comes in several flavors, below are some of the flavors of this Tasty drink.for more information regarding the Irn-Bru Brand do well to click Here

Flavors of Irn Bru Drink

  • Irn-Bru Xtra
  • Irn-Bru sugar-free
  • Irn-Bru Energy
  • Irn-Bru 1901
  • Irn-Bru Energy Sugar-Free

12. Club Lemon

irish Club Lemon drink

Club Lemon comes last on our list of top Irish-based soft drinks, Club Lemon is another outstanding product of Britvic Ireland.

However Club Lemon is the lemon-flavored version of Club Orange, it’s been packaged and sold in a 220ml glass bottle,500ml plastic bottle, and a 330cl can.

Club Lemon is made from Lemon juice, water, and sugar, it also contains some natural flavors.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Are There Any Unique Irish Soft Drink Flavors?

Yes, there are several Unique flavors of soft drinks in Ireland, like the Vanilla Mooju drink, Chocolate Mooju drink, Panda Pops Raspberry Flavor, Panda Pops Strawberry Flavor and also the Tasty Tanora Fruit juice.

Are There Sugar-Free Options Available In Ireland?

Yes, there are several Sugar-free soft drink brands in Ireland like Irn-bru sugar-free drink, Fanta-grape Zero sugar, Fanta Raspberry zero sugar, etc.

However, the sugar-free options of soft drinks offered by most Irish beverage brands are aimed at satisfying individuals who are conscious about their Sugar intake.

How Have Soft Drinks Evolved In Ireland Over the years?

Soft drinks in Ireland have so much evolved in the last decades to healthier options like sugar-free drinks, Fruity juice made from natural flavors, and also milk flavored soft drinks.

Do Irish Pubs Serve Non-Alcoholic Options?

Yes, most Pubs in Ireland have Non-Alcoholic drinks in stock for customers who prefer consuming Non-Alcoholic drinks.

However, Customers who patronize Irish Pubs sometimes prefer adding soft drinks to their Alcoholic beverages to help reduce it’s Alcoholic potency.


The List of Popular soft drinks brands highlighted in this blog post are great recipes you could use to enjoy during your free time e.g. picnics, parties, and meals.

We so much believe you got so much value Reading this blog post, Do well to share it with your friends and Family.

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