12 Best Grape Soda in Usa Today

Grape Soda Usa

Are you a lover of Grape, and sincerely wish to know the best Grape Soda Usa has to Offer? we’ve got you covered, you just found yourself the right article.

Our resource will show you some of the top Grape Flavoured Beverages sold in the United States.

The United States is home to some of the top beverage companies, offering several unique versions of Grape Flavoured Sodas.

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Take for instance, the Coca-Cola brand, whose headquarters is situated in US, owns the tasty and nutritious Fanta grape soda drink.

Also, Welch Foods An American-based food company, has strong international recognition for its rich options of Grape Flavoured Sodas.

However, brands like Sunkist Grape, Crush Grape, and Shasta Grape are part of the rich options of Grape sodas offered by American Based Beverage Companies.

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Honestly, The American Beverage industry houses several unique options of Grape Sodas, and believe me, you are on the right track in discovering the best Grape Soda Usa has to offer. Let’s go.

Before showing you some of the best picks of Grape sodas in America, Let’s see the best Lemon Soda in the United States.

What Is Grape Soda Called?
Grape Soda has several generic names which are peculiar to certain regions, Grape Sodas are also known as Purple soda, Grape drink, Grape Pop e.t.c

Is Grape Soda Sweet?

Yes, Grape Sodas are sweet, the sweetness of Grape-flavored sodas varies.

Aside from adding sugar or corn syrup as sweeteners, Grape soda has a natural sweet taste.

Grape Sodas could either be prepared using natural ingredients or artificial Grape Flavors.

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What Is The Texas Name For Soda?

The Term ‘Soda’ in the city of Texas, is another unique name given to Carbonated Soft drinks sold in Texas.

Is Grape Soda Blue?

From experience most naturally prepared Grape Sodas are purple in Color and not blue, this is due to the color of natural grapefruits.

Does Coca Cola make Grape Soda?

Yes, Coca-Cola has several unique versions of Grape sodas, some of the popular Grape Sodas Under the Coca-Cola Brand include Fanta Grape Soda, Minute Maid White Grape Soda, etc.

Does Pepsi make Grape Soda?

Yes, Pepsi also makes Grape flavored Sodas, some of the popular Grape sodas produced by Pepsi include Crush grape, Grapico, Pepsi Diet Grape Soda e.t.c

Best Grape Soda Usa Has To Offer

Below is a comprehensive list of the best Grape Soda Usa Has, do well to read through.

  • Fanta Grape Soda
  • Crush Grape Soda
  • Sunkist Grape Soda
  • Welch Grape Soda
  • Jaritos Grape Soda
  • Grapico Grape Soda
  • IBC Grape Soda
  • Blue Sky Grape Soda
  • Faygo Grape Soda
  • Boylan Grape Soda
  • Zevia Grape Soda
  • Stewart Grape Soda

1. Fanta Grape Soda

Fanta Grape Soda is among the Best Grape Soda Usa Has, this beverage is among the line of Grape Sodas produced by the Coca-Cola brand.

Aside from the line-up of carbonated soft drinks produced under Fanta, Fanta Grape Soda is one of the most Nutritious Beverages produced under the Fanta Brand.

Fanta Grape is made from organic grape juice, it also contains Artificial flavors, and carbonated water, and also sweetened with high fructose corn Syrup.

The Tasty and Nutritious Fanta Grape soda is Caffeine-free and contains close to 180 Calories per serving.

Surprisingly the Fanta Brand has a zero-sugar option, for individuals who wish to enjoy a sugar-free Grape Soda drink.

Fanta Grape Soda Comes in Different Sizes Which Include the 355ml Can container,35cl, and 2-litre Plastic bottle.

2. Crush Grape Soda

Crush Grape Soda is also among the top Grape Sodas sold in top Grocery stores and retail outlets in America.

Crush Grape Soda is among the line of Grape Sodas produced by Keurig Dr Pepper, a Texas-based beverage company.

This Carbonated soda has a refreshing sweet taste, just like the taste of real grapefruit.

Crush Grape Soda contains a considerable amount of citric acid and also high fructose Corn Syrup which acts as a major sweetener.

Just like the Fanta Grape Soda, Crush Grape Soda is also Caffeine Free, and also contains 160 calories per serving.

Crush Grape Soda can be purchased in most supermarkets, grocery stores, or retail outlets in America.

Crush Grap Soda is available in Bottles and Cans, though it’s mostly packaged and distributed in a 355ml Can Container. For more Nutritional info regarding this Grape Soda Click Here.

3. Sunkist Grape Soda

Sunkist Grape Soda is among the top Grape Soda Usa Has, owned by Keurig Dr Pepper a beverage company situated in the City of Texas.

Sunkist Grape Soda is a carbonated soft drink, well known for its sweet grape flavor.

This American Grape Soda is mostly sold in 355ml Can containers, though it also comes in a 12oz plastic bottle.

Sunkist Grape Soda also has no Caffeine in its content and contains an exact amount of 170 Calories per serving.

Sunkist Grape Soda is available in most supermarkets and stores in America, Sunkist Grape Soda has a more refreshing Sweet Taste when served over ice.

4. Welch Grape Soda

Welch Grape Soda also ranks among the top-flavored fruit juice in America.

Surprisingly this Grape Soda is among the top 5 sweetest grape sodas in Usa, reason why it’s among the most consumed Grape sodas in the US.

Welch Grape Soda has close to 120 Calories per serving, and it’s been packaged and distributed in a 355ml purple Can and 12 fl oz plastic bottle.

5. Jaritos Grape Soda

Jaritos Grape Soda is among the list of top fruit-flavored sodas offered by Novamex, a Texas beverage company.

Jaritos Grape soda comes in different sizes, this beverage is mostly packaged 355ml Purple can or a 370ml Green Glass bottle.

Jaritos  Grape Soda has a unique sweetness different from other Grape sodas sweetened with high fructose Corn Syrup.

The Unique sweetness of this Grape Soda is simply because it is sweetened with pure Cane Sugar.

Jaritos Grape Soda is a Caffeine-free carbonated beverage, and it contains 200 Calories per serving.

6. Grapico Grape Soda

Grapico Grape Soda is also among the popular grape sodas in United States, this soda is mostly consumed by individuals who reside in the southern region of the country e.g. Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Missipppi e.t.c

Grapico Grape Soda was initially owned by Grapico Beverage Company before its right of ownership was transferred to Buffalo Rock Company, whose headquarters is located in the city of Alabama, USA.

Unlike the other naturally prepared Sodas like Jaritos and crush grape soda, the Grapico brand uses Artificial Flavors to actualize its sweet grape taste.

However, the High Fructose Corn Syrup serves as a major sweetener for sweetening this Carbonated Beverage.

Grapico Grape Soda is sold in cans and bottles of different sides, however, most flavors of this Grape soda are packaged and distributed in a 355ml Can.

For more information regarding the Grapico Grape Soda brand, Click here

7. IBC Grape Soda

IBC Grape Soda is mostly sold in Glass bottles packaged in Cartons, a pack of this Grape Soda contains six(6) bottles per carton.

IBC Grape Soda is also available in Cans and plastic bottles of different sizes and sold in most grocery stores and supermarkets in USA.

this tasty Grape Soda beverage is among the line-up of drinks produced by Keurig Dr Pepper.

Just like Jaritos Grape Soda, IBC Grape Soda is also sweetened with pure cane sugar.

For a more refreshing experience, the IBC Grape Soda should be served when cold or chilled.

8. Blue Sky Grape Soda

In our bid to show you some of the Best Grape Soda Usa has, let’s consider the tasty and Nutritious Blue Sky Grape Soda.

The Blue Sky Soda brand among the line-up of sodas under the Coca-Cola Company.

Blue Sky Grape Soda is commonly packaged and distributed in 355ml-sized Cans.

This Grape-flavored beverage is sweetened using Cane Sugar and has close to 110 Calories per serving.

Blue Sky Grape is quite affordable and mostly sold in top stores, supermarkets, and retail outlets in America.

9. Faygo Grape Soda

Faygo Grape Soda is also sweetened with Cane sugar, the sweet grape flavor of this carbonated drink is due to the added Artificial grape Flavors.

This grape soda is among the unique versions of sodas produced by Faygo Beverages, a beverage company situated in Detroit, Michigan.

Faygo Grape Soda is available in series of packaging options which include bottles, cans, and plastic containers.

10. Boylan Grape Soda

Boylan Grape Soda is among the list of Sodas produced by Boylan Bottling Company, a beverage company situated in  New York City.

The Boylan Grape soda is packaged in a 355ml Glass bottle, each pack of this soda contains 12 bottles per pack.

Boylan Grape Soda is 100% sweetened with pure Cane sugar and also contains carbonated water.

You could actually purchase the Boylan Grape Soda by clicking Here.

11. Zevia Grape Soda

Zevia Grape Soda is also among the list of top Grape soda Beverages in the United States.

Zevia Grape Soda is mostly distributed in a 355ml blue can, this beverage drink contains 24 blue cans per pack.

This Grape flavored beverage is actually caffeine-free, sugar-free and also a zero calorie drink.

Zevia Grape Soda is also a carbonated drink,surprising it’s contains natural extracts obtained from the stevia Leaf.

The added extract from the stevia leafs is responsible for the unique taste of this Usa Grape soda.

Zevia Grape Soda is mostly consumed by residents of Los Angeles,it Available in Top Grocery stores in the United states.

However you could purchase this Grape Soda through this Blogpost by Clicking Here. 

12. Stewart Grape Soda

Last on the list of Top Grape Soda Usa Has to offer,is the tasty and delicious Beverage known as Stewart Grape Soda.

Stewart Grape Soda is among the list of Sodas produced by Cadbury Schweppes PLC,a beverage company situated in New Jersey,USA.

This beverage drink is mostly sold in a 355ml Glass bottle,a pack of stewart Grape Soda contains 24 Glass bottles per pack.

You could actually purchase this Beverage drink by clicking Here

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is Grape Soda Good?

Yes, Grape sodas are good, Grape flavored sodas contain high amounts of Anti-oxidants which help prevent chronic disease.

Also, Grape Soda are best for individuals interested in improving the health of their Eye.

Grape Flavoured Beverages are rich source of nourishing Vitamins like Vitamin K,C,B,and A.

When Was Grape Soda Invented?

The first Grape soda ever created was Grapico, this Grape Soda was invented in 1914.

How Are Grape Soda Grapes Made?

Grape Soda Grapes are made from the cross-breeding of Several Grape Species together,with the sole aim of getting a specified unique taste.

Who Made Grapette Soda?

The Famous Grapette Soda was created by a chemist named Benjamin Tyndle Fooks in the year 1939.

How To Make Grape Soda At Home?

  • Wash your Grapefruit thoroughly to remove dirts
  • Put your Grapefruit inside a blender or food processor
  • Blend Your Grape Fruit until it’s smooth
  • Add a considerable amount of sugar and carbonated water
  • Stir thoroughly
  • You could also add icing to give your Grape Soda a more refreshing taste.

Conclusion on Grape Soda Usa 

The aforementioned beverages are the best Grape Soda Usa has to offer,you could purchase any of this drinks in any top Grocery store or supermarket in the United states,This Grape Flavoured drinks are best enjoyed when chilled.

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